What is homeostasis?

Homeostasis, perfect balance
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Homeostasis is balance.

It’s perfect balance of all systems in your body — biological harmony and purity.

Homeostasis is when your body is totally on top of its house-keeping.

Total order…

It’s an abundance of inner resources for the amazing intelligence that is your body to do its thing.

That’s why kids are usually so joyful. They have very little emotional baggage or wrong ideas and they have high vitality, inner resources, inner purity — homeostasis.

It’s a beautiful concept…

The right conditions for homeostasis

As we age, we gradually pollute ourselves with wrong thinking and wrong habits and all this chips away at our naturally joyful state.

But your body is very forgiving. Give it the right conditions… right thinking, right habits, remove pollution and joy returns because it’s natural.

My friend once told me she was in hospital on a drip for a few weeks… plenty of time for her body to do house-keeping and get back to the wonderful state of homeostasis.

She said she felt AMAZING, totally clear minded. That’s what happens when your body gets on top and of course, we were never supposed to be anything BUT on top.

The truth is that if we stress our bodies with poor diet, over stimulation, with no exercise, lack of sleep and so on, it has to work sooooo hard and the glorious state of homeostasis which kids regularly enjoy eludes us almost all the time. We are always sub-optimal.

So the trick is to simply give your body what it needs every day and stop polluting it with negative thinking and poor lifestyle.

And every day means good habits, because habit is the power that effortlessly repeats.

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2 thoughts on “What is homeostasis?

  1. Having the discipline to maintain a healthy life like this is not always easy but the benefits of actually doing it are well worth it.


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