Making progress in getting rid of unwanted thoughts

Ahsan asks…

“The progress is ok, but I need a finishing touch to really end this. By finishing touch I mean a killer to really end the whole of it. The thoughts are an “on and off” kind of situation and sometimes I am able to ignore but sometimes they still bother me.

It’s happened before that I think I have found a solution and then these thoughts get back again. The problem is that I am still feeling uncomfortable. I want to feel free, relaxed and light but there is still a kind of mental barrier.”

© Helga Weber

Please, please understand that this progress is immensely important. You should be overjoyed at this progress.

There is no killer other than “no importance — distract”, provided any supporting beliefs have been deconstructed — which is the case with you, since you know these thoughts are silly.

This simple method IS the killer but please, please be patient, consistent and calm about applying it…

KNOW that this method will result in the end of these unwanted thoughts that have plagued you for so long and that this knowledge and feeling will give you the calmness you need.

On and off is wonderful. Much easier to deal with on and off. When they come, simply notice the thought forming, give no importance and distract, remove attention back to what you were doing…

Relax, seriously. DIRECTION is everything and progress means the right direction. If you get frustrated, that is more attention. If you get disturbed that is more attention and you risk ramping the whole thing up again.

Stay calm and faithful, apply the method with absolute consistency and you will see the end of this — the forgetting of unwanted thoughts.

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58 thoughts on “Making progress in getting rid of unwanted thoughts

  1. I am really clear about what to do now. Thank you so much! I’m having a really hard time and all your guides give me hope. Thank you! And good night! :-)


  2. Hi James, “there is no need to think about the method” does that mean I should “give it no importance, distract” whenever I’m aware of a thought about the method ?


      1. Thinking about the method is not a problem to me but I’m afraid that as long as I continue to think of the method this much, the unwanted thought would never leave me because thinking of the method is attention to the unwanted thought :-(


      2. Well, I didn’t want to say that and create the association myself. But now you’ve said it, yes, you can distract from thoughts about the method too. Please start a meditation habit Jef, it will really help. Over time, it will become easier and easier to control your own mind and the focus of your attention. It’s a bit like a stormy sea returning to a calm stillness. Please don’t ignore the other five lifestyle elements either. They all affect our overall state.


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