Bad moods after eating

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Are you in a bad mood after eating? Does your energy crash? Do you have difficulty concentrating?

The reason could well be food intolerance. I’m not a fan of the term “food intolerance” — it sounds so wishy washy for a condition that can make your life a misery.

Food intolerance can be very tricky to spot at times too because your body’s reaction could take 24 or even 48 hours to show up. So the dots can be very difficult to connect…

But if you are having ANY long-term health issues, even if you don’t feel on top but don’t know why, then suspect food intolerance. It’s RIFE.

Why food intolerance is such a big problem

The truth is that our diets are very different from the diets our ancestors ate. Even a couple of generations ago there wasn’t all this processed food around but go back just a little bit further, before the start of farming and we all ate directly from nature.

Unnatural foods

Many of the foods we eat are not natural foods for humans. The BIG TWO are grains and dairy products like milk, cheese and so on. Many people cannot digest and process these types of foods and they cause a whole host of problems. And like I said, the TRUE CAUSES of the problems can be very hard to pin down.

As well as food intolerance, unnatural foods are linked to “leaky gut syndrome,” IBS, colitis, crohn’s disease, autism and a lot of mental disorders.

Testing yourself for food intolerance

It’s possible these days to do this at home. Kits can be ordered online that test for food intolerance that have a good accuracy. What you do is send a drop of blood is all back to the company who can test anything from a few to hundreds of foods.

A simpler way is to get onto a natural human diet immediately and see what happens. BEWARE though… when I stopped eating wheat I was hyperventilating for six weeks and had disturbed sleep. It was not funny.

So be aware that there could be serious “withdrawal” symptoms from grains and dairy foods because they have opiate-like chemicals in them that act just like drugs in your body.

Elimination diets

The old tried and tested way to deal with tricky food reactions is the elimination diet. What you do is simplify your diet for say six weeks. Sometimes, in severe cases a very simple diet such as the “lamb and pears” diet is used but you don’t need to be that drastic.

Certainly you want to avoid: grains, dairy foods, legumes, all processed foods, nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, egg plant) eggs

So you can eat… fruit, certain starchy veg like sweet potatoes and yams, meat, fish, green leafy veg, all types of vegetable.

Nuts and seeds… play it by ear… I would say just have one type each week during the six week trial so you’ll be able to spot any problems

Don’t worry… if you know how… you can make a delicious menu out of these foods and guess what — this is a NATURAL HUMAN DIET!

Symptoms disappear

If you have food intolerance issues you will be transformed by a natural diet. People who have seriously suffered for decades can turn into happy and energetic people in a short space of time, by removing foods that their bodies just cannot deal with.

Summing up

So, if you’re grumpy after food… even if you have mood swings and strange symptoms that don’t seem to have a cause, then get yourself tested asap. Or better still, get on a natural human diet (change slowly) and see an amazing difference in your health and well-being from such a simple change.

Remember we didn’t evolve eating grain, dairy and all the modern junk. Give your body what it needs and EXPECTS and you’ll be rewarded with health, clean energy and clarity of mind…

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