Take action

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Getting Happy Guide off the ground is not unlike your health and happiness.

We take steps, we fall, we try again, we crawl for a bit, perhaps even bum shuffle :-) We refocus and try again.

And after a couple of years of falling on our a**, it finally seems we’re standing up. A bit wobbly but hey, we did it!

Just the same really.

So don’t be scared to take action. That’s how you learn…

It’s ironic that it’s often the most intelligent people who are scared to act. There are some folks who just don’t think too far ahead and they don’t see problems — they just do their thing. In my experience, they tend to be happier and sometimes more successful…

So that’s my thought for the day. If you want to be happy and healthy, take action. Take a baby step, to make sure it’s not too far outside your comfort zone. Then do another one…

See what happens :-)

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Michael Kinnaird is the author of Happy Guide, the result of a 20 year exploration into what works for health and happiness.

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