What to do when you’re not happy with your life

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It can be so hard to figure out what to do when you’re not happy with your life — to get to the TRUE causes, the REAL reasons.

Maybe you arrived here with a specific health-related problem you’d like to solve.

Perhaps you’re overweight, suffering from depression or struggling for energy…

Or maybe you just feel generally dissatisfied, that you’re not getting the best out of life? Have you ever asked yourself…

“What am I doing wrong? What’s wrong with me? I just want to be happy. When did it get so HARD?”

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, you’re NOT alone…

There are a lot of frustrated, confused and depressed people out there. And the folks that know what a happy, healthy way of life looks like are struggling with how to change. And they’re struggling badly.

How about you?

Does your life feel like a giant game of whack-a-mole? When every time you solve one little problem, two or three more pop up in its place? You’re probably wondering when you stopped being in control of your own life. It’s a scary thought isn’t it?

A recent poll asked…

“Are you tired?”

And a large majority answered “Yes,” no matter what the time of day.

Our lifestyles are sending our quality of life spinning downwards…

We strive for a bigger house, but have less time for family. We’re so busy paying off the mortgage we miss out on quality time at home.

We have beloved friends that we hardly ever see.

We have children who grow up fast while we’re working.

We buy more “toys” but enjoy them less.

Life passes by while we work like mad to keep up

According to the British government, the average working parent spends twice as long dealing with email as playing with their children.

Something has gone horrendously wrong…

We’re so engrossed in “life” that we’re often too tired to look after our own happiness, to connect, to say “I love you” and “thank you.” Our daily tasks receive our best energy and our own quality of life gets the crumbs from the table.

That’s why you’re overweight, or lacking energy, or feeling depressed or (insert your own complaint here from a list of thousands…)

It’s because your current lifestyle is NOT geared towards creating vitality and happiness…

Deep down you’ve probably known this for a long time. If you feel life is passing you by, you need to do something soon. Otherwise you’re heading for painful regrets and heartbreak — at best. If you never have the time or energy to savor life, where does that leave you?

I’ll tell you where it leaves you: One day you’ll wake up and realize it’s too late.

And here’s a big clue that you need a course correction: You’re constantly trying to solve your problems, but you’re still struggling — years down the road.

Most people are living for a future that never arrives

And they don’t have the vitality to enjoy what they already have.

Think about your life.

Is THIS the life you’ve always wanted?

So what’s stopping you getting it?

For more than 20 years now Mike, the author of Happy Guide, has known that something very important has been missing from the field of “health and happiness.” And it’s something we all need.

A blueprint for life

A blueprint for a happy, healthy life should tell us two things — how to change and what to change.

How to change is of course, absolutely critical. How do you break your old habits, get organized and live a happy, energized way of life? How do you take back complete control? Amazingly, it’s a subject that’s been very rarely talked about. Until now :-)

All the best,
James Riddett

3 thoughts on “What to do when you’re not happy with your life

  1. i’m not too happy with my life because people are spreading bad rumors about me in school…i am in high school (a sophmore) and i am not with life at home :( what shoud i do????

    1. Hi Erin… well you certainly have asked the right question… “What to do?”

      It’s a difficult one to answer without knowing your situation in detail. These things have subtleties that would affect the advice given such as nature of the rumors, the relationships with the rumor-mongers, the back story to the whole thing and so-on.

      But off the top of my head some things you could do are…

      Talk to your school counselor in confidence, or your parents, or a wise friend.
      Just stop caring and let it blow over (depends).

      Even people your age are very aware of what people are like, and so if you’re a good person, and the trouble-makers aren’t, then everyone knows that. Whatever, I would resolve to stay cool-headed, non-reactive, and not give this any more attention than it needs to carry out your “do” list.

      Certainly what we resist, persists so I would be careful about actions that escalate. I find it’s generally best to focus on what you are being, than what others are being.

      If you use our contact form to give us as much detail as possible, we may be able to add more suggestions.

      All the best,

  2. I was bullied in middle school. I know exactly what you are going through. I am 43 and I believe the bullying still affects me. I am shy towards strangers (especially women), I take all criticism to heart, and I have absolutely no self-confidence at all. All because of one girl bully (secretly I hope she is burning in hell… shhhh, dont tell anyone!).. anyway, my best advice is to fight back. I sat there and just took it, which makes a bully even more aggressive. I know it was the way I was raised… don’t rock the boat, don’t fight, be nice to everyone… All that got me was an entire school year being bullied. Now that i am a parent, trust me… FIGHT BACK… I will never let my kids just sit and take crap from a bully. As long as you don’t start the bullying, you should at least try to finish it. A lesson I still teach my kids: someone pushes you, you push back twice as fast and twice as hard… (works the same with a bully who is either verbal or physical).

    And also it’s important to remember (i realize this now.. many years too late) that a bully is someone who is not happy with him/her self. The only way they can be happy is to bring someone else down. Please please don’t let that person be you.

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