Health is everything

Voice of wisdom, health is everything
© Matteo Parrini

This quote is from a comment made on another website. It’s a beautiful summary of what Happy Guide is about — our philosophy.

This extract from that comment is the voice of experience. The voice of someone who’s learnt the hard way — through trial and error. True words…

“…Eating or exercising a certain way will not give you a healthier body for life unless there are lifestyle habits in place that are sustainable for life… Health is not one thing; it is everything and it starts with a person’s mindset.”

What she means by the second sentence is that everything feeds into health. Everything you do (or don’t do) either contributes to, or takes away from, your health. And that is day after day, year after year…

It seems so obvious no? Self-evident even. And yet how many of us actually act on this self-evident wisdom?

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