I HATE change

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“I really hate change — I really REALLY hate change” I heard someone say yesterday.

That’s normal. That’s most people. But why do we dislike it so much?

The reason is that sudden change is unpleasant because we have no map…

Suddenly the rules are unclear, we don’t know how we fit into the new scheme, we are adrift, unsure. And it takes a while to learn the new set-up and become comfy with our place. That’s why most people hate change…

My son had his last day in elementary school today. In September it’s a big change — high school. The message from school, from leaflets handed out is “yes, it’s scary, but it’s going to be ok.” The kids are being prepared for the big change and for a while, as we all can remember, that big change is a shock to the system.

No map…

Change is inevitable… and in general, the better we manage change, keep an eye to the future and prepare, be proactive, the easier and less scary things will be for us.

The goal is to live in the moment but keep an eye on the future or “trust in God, but tie up your camels” as a wise camel owner once said. After all, it’s only by predicting the future that one would tie up a camel.

How to manage change

In terms of health and happiness, which is our main focus, managing change is good. We avoid the hate and scary feelings by managing change and we do that by taking well planned steps that don’t change our map too much.

In general, you don’t want to step too far outside your comfort zone if you’re going to make successful, long term changes.

So avoid the hate and still get what you want by being proactive and just tweaking your map here and there.

And keep on tweaking ’til it’s perfect.

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