Distortions, deception and LIES says Dr. Joseph Mercola

“Distortions, deception and LIES” says Dr. Mercola

If you’re into natural health, you may have come across the name of Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Believe me, Dr. Mercola is a very rare breed of doctor. He’s largely abandoned the sinking ship that is “The medical model” and we’re in for one hell of a storm before that ship goes down.

It’s the very fact that Dr. Mercola is a doctor that makes his views so very poignant. Get this…

“I’m an advocate for the truth, and the truth is that, every year, we are spending over $2 trillion in the U.S. alone for a fatally-flawed health care system that is killing hundreds of thousands of people every year, simply because they do not have the understanding, an awareness, of the alternatives to potentially-toxic and expensive medications.”

WOOOOAAAAH! Coming from a DOCTOR, that packs a hefty punch. Enough to ruffle more than a few feathers of “the powers that be”, no doubt.

The quotes above are from a recent Fox News interview, in which Dr. Mercola felt he was manipulated, hence the title of this post — “Distortions, Deception and LIES.” Dr. Mercola is obviously not one to mince words.

Although the video rebuttals below are largely aimed at Fox News, other “Powers that be” get a mention too — the FDA and congress.

I’m not one to engage in conspiracy theories but when it comes to “powers that be,” I believe that every organization will do everything in its power to protect its agenda, often even at the expense of people’s lives.

I do have some sympathy with regulators in that there are many sales and marketing people out there willing to prey on people’s vulnerability to sell their goods. And I’ve seen hundreds of sales pages misrepresenting the truth, telling half-truths and downright lies in order to make a buck. How can these people be stopped?

Unfortunately, as in all areas in life, those with no integrity mess it up for everyone else. That’s why the world needs all the millions of rules and regulations to stop the unscrupulous from harming the innocent. When the people who make the rules have no integrity, we’re really in trouble.

I feel Dr. Mercola is a victim of the heavy handed rules designed to stop the charlatans. I feel he’s a genuine guy with a heart felt mission to make the truth known. He’s a doctor and even he is saying that medicine is “fatally-flawed” — a quote that I, and many others have used, though perhaps without his clout.

Those responsible for the interview on Fox, the reporter, editor and producer were a bit naughty — they have indeed, in my opinion distorted the facts and tried to trip Dr. Mercola up and portray him as a quack.

Very naughty.

In an embarrassing bit for the doc, they tried to make out that because he runs a business; he is in fact no different to the pharmaceutical industry. The reporter tells us (in voice over)…

“[Dr. Mercola has] …a business venture you may notice, not unlike the ‘for profit’ pharmaceutical industry he criticizes.”

Reporter talking to Dr. Mercola:

“[your business is]… just like the pharmaceutical industry.”

Dr. Mercola:

“Yeah, absolutely……” // << edit point.

This is the cheapest of cheap shots. They purposely tried to trip him up and then edited his further explanation out! Dr. Mercola’s organization is big. It needs an income and in my view, having followed his site for some time, I feel the methods Dr. Mercola uses to make an income are sound and the products he sells have genuine benefits and are carefully chosen.

This cannot be compared to the often underhand and downright nasty tricks that “Big Pharma” as it’s now widely known, gets up to. Not to mention the dubious premise on which the whole basis of drug taking is founded.

The scandals are well documented.

The other dirty cheap shot for me was another voice over narrative that said…

“Medical maverick or online opportunist, say what you want. His message is hitting your home computer.”

This to me, is an outrageous slander wrapped up as “Well, YOU might say that.” Subconsciously that line reads as “Well, which is he, maverick or businessman?” Two possible choices…

But wait, what about “Intelligent and caring guy who’s seen the fundamental flaw in the medical model and is passionate about helping people achieve real health.” Well we weren’t given that as an option. Grrrr.

I don’t agree with everything Dr. Mercola issues as advice. I feel strongly that agreement is not required between folks who’ve awakened out of the medical and pharmaceutical fantasy. There’s a lot to iron out in terms of what works best, that’s for sure. The understanding of the truth of it as in the first quote above, is what we need on a large scale. The details will come.

For me, Dr. Mercola is doing nothing but good in giving people options to explore. And for folks to try to control their own destinies and not rely on a magic bullet to bail them out when their bodies eventually break.

And as well as all that, I just plain like the guy. He talks a lot of sense and… makes me smile. Check out the actual line in the YouTube clips below where he says “Distortions, deception and LIES” and tell me that’s not funny! :-)


update: The video clips on YouTube have been removed… hmmm, I wonder why?

Best wishes,
Michael Kinnaird

7 thoughts on “Distortions, deception and LIES says Dr. Joseph Mercola

  1. SIMPLY PUT, making something a business is not at the bottom of something being bad, since it is SELFISHNESS that is destructive, not true UNABUSED ‘SELF RELIANCE’, the latter being PRODUCTIVE when the ONE bottom-line remedy to ALL correctness is applied: The Golden Rule, better put, Righteous Dominion, remedially put: No Abuse Of Power! If we really want to teach our children to grow up recognizing what not to become or enable, THIS IS IT(!):…That they should NOT become ENABLers of the selfish, because it is US, the spineless enablers who allow abuses of power, position, opportunity, time, ourselves and others…it is US. An *abuser simply cannot be successful without the allowance of the *enablers; the enablers keep it going, the enablers, provide the money, the enablers trust the devious, because the enablers are often either cultured to trust those who would gradually harm, often because those who would harm are trained by some THEY trust, like medical school who have much traing material written by the prescription companies themselves. It would be wise of us all to remember that it’s not everyone else’s job to lift the battle ax for us, nor is it everyone else’s job to research for us..we need to lift a finger……because there are no little things!


  2. Hi Sphygmo

    I’ve been aware of Dr. Mercola for a while and I have to say that what you say certainly isn’t my experience.

    His products, in my view are carefully and ethically chosen.. stuff like krill oil, save the planet type light bulbs, pans that don’t off gas, that sort of stuff.

    I’ve never seen any evidence of him adjusting his theories to suit his bank balance.

    He’s a clever guy for sure–you have to be to achieve that level of success–and a hard worker too.

    For me, he get massive amounts of brownie points for speaking the truth about the medical model–it’s strengths and severe weaknesses.

    Do you have any specifics you’d like to share which would back-up your accusations?



  3. He consciously selects research that supports his products, which causes me to be highly suspicious of his motives. He is a businessman first, and a caregiver second, and is (if not worse) the same as the “depraved” institutions he is going against. His usual line is, all products are dangerous except for mine. Though the articles he cited might in themselves be true, his careful selection/omission does not make him a trustworthy source. There are many other non-profit organizations with unbiased information, and if one is looking to know what their options are, Mercola’s site is NOT the best on the internet. My opinion has always been: if he’s selling something, you can’t trust him to be unbiased.


  4. Hi Catherine,

    Patchwork medicine, great phrase, I’ve never heard that one before. I agree with you about the snake oil. The problem is getting objective science for unpatentable products — you can’t patent nature.

    It’s an excellent point about natural medicine vs naturopathy. I don’t know anything about naturopathy, I’m just pro giving the body what it needs :-)

    I read yesterday that doctors will now be prescribing omega-3 to heart attack survivors to prevent further attacks. I once went on a Cardiac Rehab course for the gym where I worked — we got a lot of rehab referrals at the gym.

    This is great of course, but don’t we need more resources at the other end? — prevention?


  5. I’ve actually never met a doctor who DIDN’T promote healthy eating and living over patchwork medicine. Since there are doctors in my family (and dinner parties), I’ve met a fair number. I think that some of the hostility and confusion from both doctors and the general public is because of the term “natural medicine”. Eating a well balanced diet is one thing, but paying piles of money to hire a naturopath to give you little vials of chammomile and other herbs and spices with no science behind them . . . well, that’s a very different matter. If we can make a clear distinction between natural medicine and naturopathy, there will probably be fewer disputes.


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