192 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Your book is excellent. I am not done reading yet, but what I have read so far is excellent. The book is well organized, excellent thought process.

    You have nailed important root cause, the bad habit, and if we all go back and analyse our bad habits it is a good start.

    It is too bad that marketing is letting people over look that, and tries to fix many issues with supplements like weight, and the one that kills me the most is wrinkles, lol. Thank you!


  2. I just read Happy Guide. It’s easy to read, use and navigate through and it’s suitable for anyone who wants better health.

    My favorite part of the book is ‘Understand the power of habit’. That part gave me a few ‘Aha!’-moments as it brought up things I knew about (but that I never really gave any thought to) in a new light. You can tell that you have life experience.


  3. Hi Mike and James,

    I bought the book and am already loving it. I am one of those people who always says “That’s a nice thought, but HOW do I do it?” I need the step-by-step breakdown and this is full of what I need.



  4. Happy Guide is a good hard look at how to make good habits and I think it goes hand and hand with this whole overwhelming diet feeling a lot of us have.

    I just get excited when I am able to read a book now, nod my head and say, yup, that is it, that’s what I did. Now it makes sense!


  5. Having tried to change everything in one go before (and then giving up cos it all seemed too hard) this guide has helped me realise that I was being too unrealistic. I think Happy Guide will help me set better goals for myself-so thanks!


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