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  1. It truly IS a guide to better health. Having suffered from poor sleep and anxiety for a numbers of years now, I must say that Happy Guide has helped me immensely.

    One of the great things about this book is that it doesn’t just deal with “one” aspect of your life, but the TOTAL spectrum, which I find is rare. The book takes you step by step towards better health, and a better LIFE as a result.

    The fact that the author, Michael Kinnaird, himself went through a personal crisis of his own which led to the creation of this book also lends a level of credibility other such self-help books are often lacking (see the introduction).

    If you are suffering from fatigue, anxiety, depression, or are just not in a “happy place”, I suggest you look no further than Happy Guide if you seriously want to take back your life!

  2. I read this book as an ebook and it may have very well saved my life. I was on a downward spiral and after reading Happy Guide, I knew I needed to change.

    I am so happy that it is out in hard copy and plan on buying several copies to give to family and friends. Everyone should have a chance to be healthy and happy and this book is the key.

    Thank you Michael Kinnaird! You saved my life!

  3. Happy Guide is incredible. One of my students actually used it last year and won the gold medal in squash at the pan am games! It’s the biggest regional games for the americas and caribbean areas. So big thanks!

    Maxim P. Weithers
    Life coach and happiness consultant

  4. i just wanted to thank you personally for writing the Happy Guide book. i purchased it about 8 months ago and it literally changed my life, it was like i woke from a deep sleep. just recently i have had a few changes and disruptions and i lay in bed for a whole day and moped and got angry and was just miserable… anyway as i went to bed again that next night i decided to read it again and there was a paragraph on getting down, physicallly and emotionally and in brackets you wrote (tantrum)… bing the light wet off and i laughed so hard my dog got annoyed with me as he was trying to sleep hahahaha. Happy Guide is awesome, a revelation, paper gold. Thanks Mike!

    Christine Murray, Australia

  5. The content is extremely helpful, making me feel much lighter, am able to do my tasks with much ease now… :) God bless

  6. Precise, actionable, and will change your life. I wanted to read this book because I was interested in habits in general. What I learned was something that will be used to map out the rest of my life. Ok that sounds like I was paid to say that, but I am not. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired or want to break a bad habit, give this book a shot. It is a short book filled with examples and actions. Of course it is up to you to apply the steps layed out for it to work, but soon they will become effortless good habits.

  7. God bless Mike n James… its a serendipity tht I came across this site n I was blessed wit this life changing book…

  8. happy guide is actually a habit forming buk coz it makes u develop the habit of taking it to ur heart n letting u change ur life:)…it helps u get control over ur mind, be ur own driver, makes u hav a perfect lifestyle tht u start falling in lov wit urself n ths buk…i m really thankful to authors mike n james for helping me so much to deal the horrific part of my life n making me a betta man.. happy guide is nt just a buk, its ur best friend…
    Thank u so much for ur help n concern:)
    God bless!:D

  9. I love your book and find it totally inspirational.. thx! I really think it is an exceptional book.

    Jules Riding
    Auckland, NZ

  10. My hubby and I both do the diet and my daughter loves making the smoothies with me. The one thing I’m so surprised about now I’m sticking to it properly is that I hardly ever feel hungry and so far havent had the urge for chocolate like I always used to get after meals! I’m not following the dairy/grain free diet but hardly having any of that now apart from a daily yoghurt and very small milk in my tea. Havent had/wanted bread for over a week!

  11. There are many health and wellness books on the market today. These are typically targeted towards those people who need and want to make a positive change in their lives. However, many of these books offer the same old information we’ve been fed time and again. Finally, something different has arrived.

    Happy Guide isn’t your ordinary book. It is a real treasure for anyone seeking empowerment and positive change. More than just a book, it is a complete system that will show you how to find the health and happiness you’ve been seeking.

    This is the first book of its kind to really examine our habits, why we have them, how they are created, and what we can do to change them. Did you know that willpower is nothing more than a habit? It can be changed just like all of the other bad choices we make to our own detriment.

    Some of the many benefits you’ll reap from reading and applying the guidelines found in Happy Guide include more energy, a healthy body, freedom, empowerment, clarity, and joy. There is no other book on the market that can truthfully make this claim. Happy Guide is the real deal and will completely transform you in ways you never knew possible.

    Happy Guide is the result of twenty years of experience and research into the nature of health. It provides insight into human nature that cannot be found anywhere else, offering hope, and solutions to the many people who just want to feel good again. The author of Happy Guide believes that nearly all suffering is avoidable, if we can change our habits and lifestyle in a positive way.

    Many books tell us what to do but they don’t tell us HOW to do it or WHY we’re doing it. This is the beauty of Happy Guide. All of the questions are answered and we really begin to understand HOW we can incorporate these guidelines into our lives and WHY they make a difference.

    Living the best lifestyle is what Happy Guide is all about. When you live a lifestyle that promotes sickness and suffering, you’ll never be happy. This is unnecessary and you can learn to live in a way that promotes health and happiness instead.

    The guidelines presented in the book are not hard to understand or follow. Many health-related books are difficult to comprehend, much less apply to your daily life. Happy Guide is an exception in that it targets real people and provides real, clear solutions to problems.

    The information in Happy Guide is clear-cut and no-nonsense. The highly complex subject of human habit is presented in simple and easy to understand language. Almost anyone can benefit from this book, from those who are chronically ill to those who are seeking a higher level of health for themselves and their families. By helping us understand the root of our poor health and unhappiness — the bad habit — we can come to change this behavior and take back control of our lives.

  12. My life is getting better and better — thanks to your great book and your sincere sharing with the whole world!

  13. Mike, last February when I bought Happy Guide and started really following your advice, my head was in total chaos, my soul untidy and I was haunted with unwanted thoughts, in hell. Today I feel good Mike because persistence is a quality always on my side and I persisted doing your way. I am probably not at my best yet but I FEEL GOOD and will keep in this direction. I always kept in mind your words “insist on a quiet mind” even when I didn’t believe it could happen. Well, after persisting… it has!

    This is priceless, I want to show my gratitude! Not only did you literally take me out of hell, I feel so many good feelings inside me now! :-) Thanks to you I got my life back. What a pure treasure…

    If life ever blesses me with kids one day, I will teach them so much about love I got to re-experience through Happy Guide!

  14. 10 days on human food and iv lost 4kilos, and feel very focused :) You’re a genius of a noble happiness warrior!!! This little happiness soldier is happy.

    Christine Murray, Australia

  15. Hey i’ve been looking at your website and its helped me a bunch. i am really thankful that there are people like you that share your stories and insight to help others grow and move forward to live a healthy amazing life.

    Thank you Happy Guide from all my heart… I really think it’s amazing how much you helped me and probably so many others to learn to let some things go… I knew I needed to let them go all along but I didn’t know how, but thanks to you guys, I feel like I can finally be the amazing person I was meant to be.

    i am extremely grateful for your amazing help in my life through this website… honestly you are greatly appreciated!!!

  16. Happy Guide is a masterpiece, not to say revolutionary, I don’t think there is anything like it… Such a low price for so much benefit, but still people spend thousands of dollars on cures. I really was in trouble and I found a real way out. THANK YOU.

    One thing I learnt, to my big surprise, is that love is an inner state first of all, and it can be everybody’s state. It’s strange because if you think about love in your life you immediately think about having a partner, but that should come afterwards as a choice, after you are love in the first place :-) To reach it, you have to commit to the right lifestyle every day and persevere. The Live in the Moment chapter of Happy Guide is all you need.

  17. Happy Guide is one of the greatest books I’ve read. Very user-friendly, you guys did a great job. I really enjoyed the book. I’m already feeling better. My issues are getting way better, with little things to fix here and there. Thank you enormously again.

  18. Happy Guide has helped me in ways i could never have imagined. Without finding it i don’t think my life could have progressed the way it has now — thank you so much.

  19. I am impressed with what you experienced and what you learned and then HOW you wrote it. I will give up a little bit of info on me — that is I have been an analysand for about 9 years.

    I have gone through a similar situation as yourself. I’m still working my way out of my own fog. YOUR book is most helpful. I can tell you that from my own experience, you KNOW what you’re talking about. A GREAT read. To gain the insight that you did!

    I love your writing style. I like the pacing. I like the quotes used and the flow is marvelous. I’m not sure if you have gone on a speaking tour or anything, but if you haven’t… well… I think you should.

    It takes many, many, many years to come to these conclusions.

    I plan to buy many copies of Happy Guide, to share with my family and friends. Truly remarkable. Very siddhartha like! I like that it is a quick read that someone can reference very quickly. No-one needs a 200-300 page book to remind them about nature. I like how you have shown them how to do it in a few pages… that takes skill!

    It’s not the only book in life anyone would need, but it shows a man’s journey, what he learned, how he pulled through and how he wants to share it with others…

    It would be a great book for an adult education class — a campanion piece to the class. I will surely quote your book when I do some of my own writing.

    LIke I said, I have gone through similar things and learned many of the same things… having your book complements my own journey and makes me feel less isolated.

    Many people need to hear this Michael… you have a lot of buddha-like work to do, to get the word out. England, America, Russia… you name it, they need it.

    Have a great day and know that you have a friend who supports your endeavors.

    BLESS YOU MICHAEL! Take care!

  20. I read Happy Guide and began applying the 6 elements in the book in my daily life. About 6 months later, one afternoon, in my meditation, I felt something so peaceful, so clear: “Nothing Lacking!…”

    I have come to realize the beauty of life, so simple, so natural… I am so grateful! I am so blessed that I found this wonderful book! My life is not the same after I read Happy Guide. I hope everyone would find such a joy! This book is truly a blessing to the world.

    Happy Guide and its creators, dear Michael Kinnaird and dear James Riddett are now part of my life, always. You guys are amazing! You are doing a great job to bring people health and happiness! Peace and all good to you, to your families, to your friends.

    With sincere love, with sincere prayers and with gratitude, Cissy.

  21. Life is much easier for me since I’ve been reading your very much appreciated Happy Guide. Thank you!

  22. Big Thank You To Dearest Michael Kinnaird and dearest James Riddett!!! I just came home from a workshop which was about education. How do we give the definition of education and of happiness by the year 2013? If we could get all wisdom throughout human history, how do we apply rather than just “I know it”?

  23. Every single day I give thanks to dear Michael Kinnaird and his brother James Riddett for giving this busy, rushy and confused world a precious book. This book really works if we apply it to our daily life! Yes, life can be so simple and so wonderful! No need to rush into confusion and pain. Wake up and find the right path! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

  24. Definitely Happy Guide is the system that works. I love it. You are serving the people in the systematic and best way. May God bless you for helping me with your best efforts. Thanking you.

  25. The unwanted thought issues I first contacted you about are gone. Thanks to you, I am happy. I’m glad to have asked for your help, it brought me more than I could imagine. I thank you wholeheartedly.

  26. Thank you — your book and daily emails really resonate with me and I wouldn’t want to do without them.

  27. I’ve certainly smartened up after reading Happy Guide, and as a result my efforts to change have born fruit. Life is good, and there’s so much out there to enjoy. Everyone can attain these rewards.

  28. Thank you. Thank you. and Thank you. You have helped me remember that I am over investing myself emotionally in my habits and that it is ok to become accustomed to the idea that healthy is a state that takes dedication and persistent maintenance.

  29. I couldn’t resist buying your Happy Guide and have just enjoyed reading it. It’s a wonderful book — you really have nailed everything in there! Congratulations! You’re improving countless lives with this book I’m sure :)

  30. Michael and James, thank you so much for your wisdom, love and support through your website. I found the articles on ‘unwanted thoughts’ and ‘OCD’ and the conversations with readers very helpful. They are spot-on, lovely and clearly written. I think you explained the solution in a very clear and simple way which really helped me a lot.

    I have Pure OCD and the articles really helped me to view my thoughts in a different way and to focus on other things. Therefore I was very interested in reading the free chapter, which was great, and purchased Happy Guide afterwards.

    Happy Guide is AWESOME as it explains in a very simple yet effective and realistic way to create health, inner peace and happiness through the power of habit. Well done! I am in the process of fine-tuning my approach with the help of your great information. THANK YOU for the VERY USEFUL and GREAT information and I wish you both lots of happiness, health and success with your mission!

  31. I had forgotten about you. But as I have recently been faced with some of the most challenging obstacles of my young adult life, my mind slips back to when I was in a very dark place. At the time, I saw no way out. I had obsessive unwanted thoughts running through my mind that I could not make sense of, the predominant being a name of a friend that I could not put to rest.

    I wrote to you in such a desperate state of loneliness… I don’t know who I was then. But you answered me. It was such a small gesture, but I remember and am just so appreciative and grateful for you and that small yet powerful moment in my life. You did something for me no one else could.

    I never really read your response. I mean, I read it, but I only looked at the words; I could not make sense of them. I just re-read the emails you sent me and it all resonates in my current state. It’s strange, like it came full circle.

    “The first thing to do with your depression is to drop “the story.” Take the thinking out of it and focus on what is left — the simple truth of HOW YOU FEEL.” as quoted by you. Wow, it just makes complete sense.

    I want you to know that I am the happiest I’ve ever been, I know how to control any unwanted thoughts, and I’m less afraid.

    Thank you again for being a kind human.

    Forever grateful,

  32. I would like to express my gratitude, how you are making the world benefited by this great book ‘Happy Guide’. Spiritually, it converted me from a cave-woman to a woman.

    I am so gonna reread this book, apply all the techniques. Here I am running out of words to appreciate your help and this blissful book. :-) Thanks a lot!!!

  33. I have had an issue with certain thoughts which intensified into multiple triggers. I was going through hell for over a year until I discovered Happy Guide, I have gone through the book multiple times and it has helped me a lot.

    Thank you for this wonderful book and I can say that if any one wants to read The Power of Now, they should first read Happy Guide. I have decided to gift all my family members each a copy of Happy Guide as their birthday gift.

  34. I used to suffer from unwanted thoughts and anxiety, and even underwent psychotherapy (CBT through ERP) to solve my issues. But in the end, everything does boil down to what Happy Guide prescribes. It works – trust me. Do yourself a favour and read it. I’m cured and better than ever.

  35. Book reviews are not my usual style, but I made an exception for this one, because it’s wonderful.

    Happy Guide, as the name suggests, is a guide to happiness. And no, it’s not one of those self-help books that makes you jump through hoops in the pursuit of happiness. It provides six very simple, very achievable steps that you can follow, to achieve the happiness you truly deserve.

    This book is so refreshing, and has really opened my eyes to what I’m doing with my life. I try my best to be healthy and happy, but this book has really made me realise what I could do to improve my life.

    On this website, I’ve found several recommendations from doctors, life coaches, dieticians, psychologists, olympians, and busy people like you or me.

    I’d like to add my own recommendation to the mix. If you want to achieve real happiness, read this book. You won’t regret it, trust me.

  36. I just wanted to say thank you. This website and the Happy Guide are changing my life.

    I have always been a pretty happy guy, but had some medical and emotional trauma in high school that caused me to be alone and physically unhealthy for a long time. It sent me to some pretty dark places, but I always managed to be positive.

    Then one day I started to suffer from occasional bouts of extreme OCD. Most of the time I kept it under control but over the last several months one of those dark thoughts from when I was younger resurfaced and it all but debilitated me.

    I knew the truth but kept getting lost in the thought patterns. Then I saw your site, and saw that same word again and again: ATTENTION.

    That night I practiced meditating for the first time. I had always been scared of those thoughts coming true during meditation so I didn’t try. After only five minutes I felt amazing. I saw in to my core and realized I had been right all the time and saw the thoughts for what they were.

    I felt as though I had been drowning in a bathtub and your advice gave me the okay to stand up. I am working on implementing all the steps in the guide and have realized this all started when I got away from living healthy.

    So from the bottom of my heart and soul, thank you.

  37. Mike and James, your articles and the happy guide have greatly helped me. I am feeling great right now. Thank you so much. Can’t love you more guys. You are absolutely amazing. Angels in the form of humans.

  38. Hi Mr. Michael Kinnaird, It has been a while since I sent you a message. But every single day, I am feeling so grateful! Thank you and Mr. James Riddett for your great work/book! I am so happy and so healthy now!

  39. Dear Michael, I have been reading your articles and its probably the best on the net that makes sense and to the point.

  40. I like to revisit the information from time to time. Many thanks for what you’re doing. I hope many people benefit from the guide!

  41. Sometimes when we search for happiness, we forget to start with the basics. We don’t feel happy because our lifestyles are not conducive to happiness. That’s the premise of Happy Guide.

    This short book outlines a plan for addressing the basics that affect our health, and ultimately our happiness. It’s hard to be happy when you don’t feel strong and vital. It’s hard to be happy when you feel out of control, disorganized and stressed out. As the author says, “Everything affects everything else.”

    Happy Guide is a quick and easy read — in fact, I read it while sitting in a coffee shop waiting for my husband’s truck to be repaired. I like the simple, practical approach.

  42. Mostly I don’t have time for reading, but this time book was too interesting or should I say super inspiring! It’s a book about health and happiness, about how our lifestyle nowadays affects us morally and physically, but not only this — this book gives some amazing tips that we should always remember, like be drug free, eat and drink right, sleep well and live in the moment. Simple as that, right?

    But Happy Guide gives way more simple and inspiring tips and quotes as well. Why do I recommend reading Happy Guide? It’s not just a new book, or a new hit, but the author wrote the book after 20 years of experience! What I’m trying to say is that this book is full of great answers and advice.

    I suffer from anxiety and a little depression. I’ve been through rough times and this book was a reminder to myself — think about yourself, be nice to your body and mind, love yourself and be happy.

    Happy Guide is an amazing book! Seriously, it’s short and outright but inspiring as well. I’m so grateful for the chance to read Happy Guide! Thank you!

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