190 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Hi Mike,
    So enjoy Happy Guide for which I truly thank you.

    Information + suggestions concise + excellently presented; + when read + reread makes common sense-something some of us short on, mea culpa.

    I have used your advice/tactics in many situations, to my benefit, again warmest thanks.

    With renewed thanks + good wishes,

    Kind regards,

  2. I found all the information very helpful in changing the ways I’ve been living. I never knew that habits was the cause of most of my problems, but now that I know, I am making all the changes necessary to break my old habits, although hard, I find it easy via your method of introducing a new good habit.

  3. This is the best script I’ve read in a long long time, thank you so much.

    It should be read in + copies permanently displayed at every school in the country — get the upcoming generation early thus preventing problems rather than struggling to cure them later.

    The natural conditions you mention are available to us, in abundance, free of charge.

    Sincere thanks again, keep up the good work.


  4. Dear Mike,

    I feel very much happy to read out the Happy Guide. it makes me feel good and bold. love you and thanks.

    With Regards & joy

  5. I can honestly say I’m happy now. Once in a while I’ll have have some unwanted thoughts but its improved 99%!

    You guys really helped me. You seriously did. I’ve actually told a lot of people about how Happy Guide has helped me. My fiance followed the diet and got all the benefits you said a person would get.

    Thanks and hope you guys are doing great!
    Happy Matt =)

    p.s. I can’t believe how much this worked…

  6. i have been slowly but surely showing improvement with the help of ur tips, techniques and suggestions. your help is of immense help for me and infuse a new ray of hope in my life. really really thank u. i have taken valuable information from ur happy guide. presently i am working on eliminating my bad deep groove habit with the newer ones. and i have achieved a lot in my efforts.

  7. Hi Sir

    my thoughts have become very much reduced in frequency and they have lost their power and don’t trouble me anymore. and it’s all because of one technique only and now i can just imagine the power lying in the rest of happy guide. i will probably be the happiest person on earth.

    i am sharing my experiences with other people having O.C.D. on internet and telling them about your book and trying to help them as i got it when i needed it the most.

    sir, you have changed my life. and all that i can say is ‘THANK YOU’.

  8. Hey Mike, I love hearing the feedback on your Happy Guide, it must make you smile every day knowing there are heaps of us out there the richer for knowing you and sharing your found wisdom :)

    Take care,

  9. I have just re-read the happy guide Mike and printed off the diet sheets. I feel so full of optimism again. I am reading the happy guide bit by bit each day and had forgotten how inspiring it is. Thank you so much for producing it. It is so simple to read and all I need now is to change the bad habits!!!

    I am treating it as my bible back to health now.

    Bless you Mike… you are an inspiration.

  10. Thank You so much. You are very correct in everything you say. I am 36 now and my problem began with my one and only panic attack 2 years ago. During the attack, I hallucinated and the thought day by day started to take over my life.

    Meditation has been the best thing to calm me. I want to thank you for what you are doing because I have had two years to realise that the thought can destroy your self image and your general perspective on life and who you are.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring enough about humanity to help these people and myself.

  11. I have been studying along this line for about 40 years now (since my early 20s) and in the early days the subject was not received very well.

    But, now, with the good work by people such as you, Mike, the word can be spread around with a greater urgency and I think that this generation is ‘ready’ to learn that which has been missing from our educational systems.

    Keep up the good work!

  12. I have read and studied health and diet, and self help material for years and I believe you have captured the secret that everyone needs to bring them to happiness.
    Blessings and much success.

  13. Thank you so much for reinforcing this idea and sharing from your heart. You have taken your dark and painful past and made it a light to the world.

    Here’s to Happy Habits.
    Thanks Mark

  14. EXCELLENT. I am ready for the challenge. I feel great that I have such a wonderful resource such as Happy Guide.

    Wishing you a wonderful day!

    Mary Beth :)

  15. Hey Mike & James! Everything is going great. I feel amazing, I really do. I’ve lost about 15 pounds since I started to add healthier foods into my diet and walking for about an hour a couple times a week.

    I haven’t done a serious meditation in a while but whenever I feel stress I just find somewhere that’s quiet, breathe deeply for a bit and tell myself it will all work out. I’m in a much different place then I was a couple months ago. I noticed as I got happier the people that I spend a lot of time around were happier and people in general seemed to enjoy my company more.

    Thank you guys again, I know I’ve said that dozens of times but… thank you. Hope your holiday season is going great and you and your loved ones are happy and healthy.

  16. happy guide has become a turning point in my life. i was a night-owl and was struggling to make it a habit to get up early. and by learning the principles and methods of developing new habits i’m finally able to do so.

    i used to eat lots of junk food but now i eat only healthy stuff and so i’m always full of energy and i feel really GOOD..by using ‘distraction’ i’m able to focus better and am finally in a state where i can control my thoughts to a great extent.

    your methods have helped me tremendously in all other dimensions of my life. and I AM EXTREMELY GRATEFUL TO YOU.

  17. My problem was unwanted thoughts. i read your section on it and it actually helped a lot, before that i didnt know my mind had that kind of power!

  18. thanx mike and james. thanx for getting me out of the xroads. i now know living is more important than having. dennis

  19. I saw a psychologist about half a dozen times about 6 years ago when I first got my OCD…she was nice, but to be honest, totally useless…you’re 100 times better… :-)

  20. Hi! Mike & James

    Great Work. I intend to start today by changing my BAD habits to GOOD habits. I have tried so many diets & cant stick to one so I am going to do my best to follow your advice.

    Its high time some-one put out info on this sort of thing I personally think companys feed us alot of Bull S…t on what is good for us & infact its killing us. Its hard to believe whats good & whats bad.

    Keep up the good work. Have A Nice Day

    Elizabeth Rose

  21. Hi Mike!!!

    Thank You very much… You done and are doing a great “job” … this is only because for You it isn’t only a job is LIFE!!! And that’s great!! Thank You very much!!!

    … and it sooo great to me to come in contact with people who think the same, have probably the same (bad) experience and do and did the best of it: to LIVE and to show out the way to a better now and a even better tomorrow. For everyone… especially to our children. There are so much of “us”!! And that is good!!!

    Always Motivation!!!!
    Thank You again!!!! :)))))

  22. MICHAEL KINNAIRD, You have stumbled on the key thing to make us ALL happy people again!

    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, I wont forget your name and will be eager for anything you might release in the years to come :D

  23. Hey Mike, I’m a lot more calm than I was, as I’ve slowly learnt to relax. I’m slowly starting to chill out and get a hold of my thoughts.

    I’m really grateful for Happy Guide. I’ve recommended it to a family friend, who also finds herself slipping into irrational thinking. Hopefully, your great advice will help her.

    Thank you so much and God bless! xx

  24. I have known Mike since our children were about five. I had suffered with OCD for a long time since my mid-twenties.

    I confided in Mike about my anxieties and thoughts on food. He advised me how to deal with this. I couldn’t believe that it could be so simple, so I continued for years more trying to solve the problem, to rationalize it, only making things worse and worse…

    Even with a psychologist and Mike advising me how to get better I continued to give the problem more and more attention.

    Many anti-depressants later, even anti-psychotic drugs I was in a worse situation than ever, on the verge of losing my job, home, sanity and daughter. I had to try something else…

    Mike spent hour after hour on the phone convincing me of what needed to be done and how his method could achieve this.

    I finally committed to his method. It wasn’t easy because the responsibility rested on me, but the method couldn’t be more simple, luckily for me or I wouldn’t have made it.

    Two months of committment and determination and I’m living a normal life with a normal relationship with food and getting better every day. Two months… after twenty years of misery.

    A miracle. Seems like one to me.

  25. Really looking forward to reading through the latest version of Happy Guide. It’s always a great resource.

    Kristen Kosmala
    Olympian, coach and personal trainer

  26. I was really struggling a few months ago but now I am eating better and starting to build the life I want to live, slowly incorporating things like meditation and walks around the botanical gardens and writing. I feel like I’m back to my natural state of positivity!

    I’ve just directed my friend to your site. She’s going through some tough times… very focused on the future and achieving and *doing!* I am trying to get her to focus more on *being* instead…

  27. Thank you very much for your words of wisdom! I think one of the first steps in beginning the healing process is to realize you are not the ONLY one… THANKS

  28. I try and get your message out there and would love to do a similar thing with my mums and babies i see all the time. Trying to get parents to show their kids good habits so they are set up from birth. Anything I can ever contribute or help you with i would love to!!

  29. I have been limiting my eating and have even lost several pounds. I am glad for how Happy Guide got me started on this path of acknowledging how I had been eating.

    Habits do run my world. I’m learning to build new ones. Thanks for the insights.


  30. I can’t thank you enough for your advice and I am keeping strong and optimistic because of you. I appreciate you more than you know and I love your book.

  31. Happy Guide is an ideal mix of punchy and slick. The information is presented like smooth hills where you’re taken easily from one point to the next. It’s just nice… a good and easy read.

    It’s succinct which is very much appreciated! No waffle… Just stated how it is, as simply and completely as possible.

    Whenever I read anything like this, I always have this kind of background tension of “Is this going to be a lot of work?” But I’m relieved to have got a good way in and I haven’t been asked to do anything yet — it’s great :-)

    It’s so true that what you put your attention on is so important… I’d never really thought about it before.

    Most books only have one or two things you can take away from them but Happy Guide is full of them. It’s a book of gems.

  32. I’m very happy to hear the Happy Guide insights and other ppl talk about their stories. It helps and makes me feel better that I’m not the only person like this. So thank u!!! U are truly saving ppls lives :)
    Thanks Again

  33. Hello! Your guide has helped me sleep so much! I wanted to thank you! I used to not be able to go to bed at night. I would sit and cry. Thank you again!

  34. Thank you for saving my life. I don’t mean that lightly. If you only ever made a difference to me and made my daughter happy, stopped my family worrying and let me live, then you have made a difference. I would like to help other people. Let me know if I can help or reassure any of the people you’re trying to help. Would like to give something back. x

  35. I am chronicling my experiences with depression and how I am beating my own Black Dog into submission. At fifty-four I am finally seeing the fog clearing and the sun shines even on the greyest of days.

    My glass is no longer half empty but nearly full. Health and family issues together with bad choices in career moves has caused me great consternation to my family and I since my late twenties. Now after three decades I feel I am growing into my real self.

    Your book has played a part in putting some important pieces in their place. These pieces were lying there, like parts of a jigsaw but after reading your book I found the gaps in the puzzle.

    Many thanks,
    Graham Armstrong

  36. Lovely to see Happy Guide in print now, well done, that is a massive feat and I couldn’t wish it for a nicer pair of guys :-))) What a gift to pass on to my children. Thanks again :-)

  37. You deserve some kinda reward. I’m not sure what it is though. I can’t Thank You enough for what you do. I think there is a special place in Heaven for someone who helps all of the folks that just fall off the track somewhere.

    I know from being a very confident individual for 33 years, that it doesn’t take a ton of stress to fall off the correct path. Glad to be back on top. Just wanted to say that it’s noticed, the compassion you share.

  38. yesterday was amazing it was the only time in 3 years i felt like this. i really felt inner peace, i really was happy, i felt i wanna cry from happiness.

    will it always be like this? i hope its just the beginning… i will not lie and tell u i am totally well, but i feel different and i dont feel the waves i told u about anymore.

  39. So I bought your happy guide a while back & though I was impressed with it’s succinct & clear approach, I pretty much tossed it in my (ridiculously large) ‘when I have time’ pile.

    What just struck me, however, is the growing impact of the periodic emails. The one I just received served as a prompt to revisit your site & read what you had to say about anxiety (which has been seriously kicking my ASS for a while now).

    The info I found was profound. Much of it I knew already, but the ‘disengage from the trigger’ data & the reminder to get up and MOVE my body just now hit me… hard and in a very useful, uplifting manner.

    *THANK YOU* (< an understatement!)

  40. Hand-bagable self help Fab! This is the first self help book I’ve read cover to cover (has less than 100 pages) AND thought afterwards ‘yes, I can do that’!

    Step by step guide to getting yourself from sick and sluggish to happy and healthy without unnecessary information which only serves to bore and distract you from the best advice I’ve read in a LONG time!

    Shall keep in handbag and will flip through daily/show to friends, may even present it to my Doctor. Happy reading folks!

  41. Happy Guide is simple and precise. In our world of so much information overload where do you begin to understand why you are not finding happiness? We seem to get caught up and just let our thoughts go wild and run our lives.

    It can be much easier than that and “Happy Guide” gives you a place to start and take control. It gives you a solid foundation to identify and begin addressing important areas one by one.

    I use it as a simple outline to prioritize what I spend my time doing and how to organize and enjoy it. This is a well written, simple, and fun book!

  42. Everyone wants to be healthy, or?! In and Out-?!! So read this book! Wunderful people :)))

    Everyone of us is always in some kind of stress, everyone of us knows, how to live and how not! But what we are doing? Are we so responsable to ourself, like we are on work, like we want this from others?

    I think this book helps everyone of us — to be clear again. To remind this, what we anyway know!

    Love and Hugs to You and Yours!!

    Jasminka with Family :)))

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