How to be detached

Imtiyaz asks…

“Michael, can you please tell me more about the topic of detachment?”

Detachment comes from staying in the natural meditative state of awareness. If you commit to the “Live in the Moment” chapter’s methods of meditation and flow, you’ll naturally become detached from many things that cause pain, because identification with thoughts causes pain, believing that happiness comes primarily from circumstances causes pain etc.

If you think of how happy children are, that happiness doesn’t come from things or ideas, but primarily from their state of being. So meditation CENTERS you, and frees you from ideas and beliefs that take you away from happiness, that is detachment. 

Sometimes it SEEMS as though someone or something is the cause, and we become attached, but that one or thing is acting like a catalyst to temporarily create a connection to the deeper self in the moment and THAT is what you’re after, but if you get attached it will lead you away from happiness to neediness.

It’s the deeper connection that is true, and meditation and living in the moment are the true path to that, and of course we can be happy when someone or thing deepens our connection in the moment without NEEDING them for it, we can just allow what comes and goes, knowing the true causes.

Best wishes,
Michael Kinnaird

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