How to solve your problems

Do you keep going around and around the same old stuff in your brain and getting nowhere?

WHATEVER your problems, I can tell you from experience that solving them involves surprising solutions.

When we have problems, the usual response is to change something external, “I need a new x, he needs to stop doing y.”

But what you REALLY need to change is YOURSELF. Then you SEE from a new vantage point, become inspired, intuitive, creative. From your new vantage point, things automatically shift!

So if your life is full of problems and it seems you are going around and around and getting nowhere, frustrated, then change the inner you. When you are HAPPY, when you have abundant ENERGY, imagine how you will SEE things so differently…

THAT is the difference that will REALLY and truly make the difference… solve your problems once and for all. Happy Guide is about changing the inner you and when you do that, I promise your LIFE will line up!

Best wishes,
Michael Kinnaird

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