You are not a car

© Adam Smith

You are not a car.

Your body parts don’t break and need fixing like a car. Your body is incredibly complex and works as a whole.

So whatever your health problem, you need a whole solution. Health isn’t one thing, it’s everything.

Address your whole lifestyle: nutrition, sleep, stress levels, drug and stimulant intake — and many other critical parts of the whole health equation…

But underlying these “what to do” parts is something of greater and more profound importance. And that is your habits…

“What to do” is important, but perhaps not as important as “how.”

And that’s because once you have “how” nailed, you can make changes very easily. And when you can make changes easily, your self belief and your belief in possibilities expand rapidly.

That’s the crucial thing — taking ACTION.

Taking action effectively and efficiently puts you firmly back in the driving seat. “What” is easy enough. Actually DOING it is a whole other matter.

When you get really good and clear about both “what” and “how” you’ll start to see your health and happiness sky-rocketing.

And as you get happier and healthier, the boundaries of your perceived possibilities will grow.

In other words, you can’t see it all right now. Just like climbing a mountain, you can’t always see the top. But when you start to take effective steps, you’ll see things differently.

Action is always the important thing and an effective action is always a HABIT.

Because summoning up incredible will-power and forcing yourself into a regime for a few weeks will make almost no difference to you long-term, if it can’t be sustained.

You need to be living it every single day.

That means effortless habits. It means not even having to think about it. You just do it, every day, effortlessly.

It’s all habit and habit is the way you work anyway. It’s the way your mind is wired. Focus on your habits and see your energy levels grow and grow.

Where to start?

Start from where you are. That’s the only place you can start from. But the sooner you get habit on your side, the sooner you’ll have more health and more happiness.

Read and re-read Happy Guide — I guarantee it will supercharge your ability to change. And when you do that, the possibilities are endless…

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4 thoughts on “You are not a car

  1. Michael… Your emails helped me alot! Thanks
    Can you please help me out with my ocd… Give me tips to overcome it on my own self… :)


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