The best habit?

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I’ve been meaning to write something about this for a long time so here we go. Now this isn’t set in stone but it’s what I’m thinking at the moment. The best habit in the whole world EVER could well be…


And what I mean by that is “the perpetual awareness of the space in which thought happens.”

Most of us think WAY too much to be happy. If we’re lost in thought, we lose the present moment and hence our joy of life…

So this is what I practice 24/7 — listening. You could call it “mindfulness” too. If you know me by now, you know I’m BIG on meditation. Well listening is bringing that awareness into everyday life. It’s ultra simple but also very very difficult to do. But the pay-offs are massive…

  • More joy for life — increased happiness
  • Freedom from unwanted thoughts and emotions
  • Choice
  • Peace of mind
  • Greater spontaneity
  • Greater awareness of what’s happening around you

A great affirmation for this is “Thoughts come and go and I remain aware” — a reminder of what you’re aiming for — a state of “let-go-ness.”

Listening is one of the KEY techniques for happiness. It opens the door to a quiet mind, giving you the freedom to choose your thoughts and live in the moment whenever you choose.

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2 thoughts on “The best habit?

  1. Respected Dear Mr.Michael Kinnaird. Hello.Is listening as equal to watching of thoughts to clear the rut out of agitated dragging to be some what neutralized. Thanking You
    Best Wishes. imtiyaz khan


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