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  1. Happy Guide is one of the best books that I have read. I was motivated to act from the very first line. I am a Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner and in my work I find that it is the habits of behaviour that block us and hold us back.

    Habits can be difficult to break especially if we do not even realise we have them. Happy Guide is a tool that you can use to help you to recognise your blocks and habits. Personally I have found the information invaluable and I will pass its message on to my clients. I feel that I would not be offering a complete service if I did not share the knowledge about this guide.

    Mike you have a brilliant way of saying things. It is like someone flipped the switch (you) and and now I know that health is the most important thing and I can choose to abuse or support my body. It is easy to remember the key points and to put them into action. Certainly for me I think that they are brilliant, classic, unique, I just think that they are so simple so easy to put into place.

    For example, I always have chocolate after dinner and lunch and have wanted to break this habit for years, even when on a detox I have eaten chocolate. I have taken sugar craving supplements and defied them. So I decided to try out the Happy Guide technique and it worked. It has worked for three days now. I am thrilled!

    I have 2-3 cups of coffee a day and physically know that they are no good for me and never manage to stay off it for long and it is always difficult. So I tried the Happy Guide technique on this one and I laughed out loud at work when coffee break came … It is brilliant, it really works!

    This was really brilliant, normally I have them and I feel guilty and I eat more anyway because I deserve them or my cravings win out. I know that I will break these habits now which is brilliant.

    You have created a masterpiece. You are going to change so many peoples lives with this book.

    Great book, well done.


  2. Ah… the new edition of Happy Guide is as inspirational as the first, still written in that easy to understand, humorous way, and packed with knowledge in that to the point style that we have all come to know and love from Mike. Congratulations on showing the way forward to a healthy and joy filled life. Happy days for one and all :-)

    Thank you Mike and James, its very much appreciated by me. Keep the pen rolling :-)


  3. I found quite informative the chapter in the Happy Guide about living in the moment. I’m going to try to make living in the moment my priority. Thank you for your guide.


  4. Happy Guide is very useful. I have applied some of your advices and found improvement in my life and the life of my family members. let me thank you for the good service you have extended to me.
    Best Regards


  5. Happy Guide is an excellent ‘quick-start’ to move from despairing over a long term negative habit to actually ‘doing’ something to overcome it! The practical, friendly and sometimes humorous advice in these pages are akin to having a gentle teacher/personal trainer who helps you get started. Happy Guide accompanies you on the journey of ridding ourselves of repetitive, destructive habits that do not provide the relief we seek but rather, accumulate even more unhappiness and frustration in their path. Get started, get living, get in the HABIT!

    Liz McGinness


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