192 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. I’ve just re-read the guide. I can’t remember why I downloaded it but I agree with its content. The message badly needs to get out. But I think it’s happening. Thank you for the guide.


  2. I have read your book and have taken it to work to be used as a base for the mental team to broach the subject of self care and sane living with our fragile students. I found it summarised well the different facets of life that one can take control of in order to live a better existence both on the physical and mental fronts.


  3. I really dug Happy Guide — I thought it was one of the best compilations of great info in one single place that I’ve seen. A very easy read, and quick useful information for these busy times. This book is great for re-reading/re-conditioning and I am looking forward to doing this in the coming weeks. I think it’s time to give it a good look again.


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