Why use a heart rate monitor?

Man running with heart rate monitor
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A heart rate monitor is great because it tells you how hard you’re working.

It’s a doddle to use — put the strap around your chest and press a button on the watch and hey-presto, you can see how fast your heart is beating at a glance!

Why this is great for you and your body

It’s great for you because it means you can exercise in your comfort zone AND get fit at the same time. It’s great for your body because it means you won’t push it into overdrive and you won’t be so laid-back that you’re not getting a benefit.

In short — it’s great because you work at the right level for YOU… Continue reading

The secret to effective cardio

If you’re trying to get fit, you need to know that your workouts are effective. You can do this by monitoring the intensity…

Either by watching how hard you’re breathing, monitoring heart rate or by going by how hard you feel you’re working (Perceived Rate of Exertion – PRE).

Monitoring your heart rate is the simplest and most effective way to make sure that the exercise you’re doing is at the right intensity for you. The other two are more subjective methods that rely on judgments. For example, a common maxim is to train so you’re slightly out of breath — so you can still just about talk but not sing :-) Continue reading