Why you shouldn’t have blind faith in your doctor

This common scenario below is a quote from magnesium expert Dr. Carolyn Dean, who wrote The Magnesium Miracle. It’s a great sum up of why you shouldn’t have blind faith in your doctor and the importance of aiming to be drug free.

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© Truthout

The scenario that I like to talk about is very basic. You will recognize it immediately in either yourself or your family members. You go to your doctor. You’re under massive stress. Massive stress means you’re losing magnesium.

You’re burning magnesium out of your body, because it helps support your adrenal glands. It helps keep you away from anxiety and depression. It helps relax your muscles. If you’re all tight and stressed, your magnesium is being lost.

What happens to the muscles of your blood vessels is they go tight. That tightness is going to cause increased blood pressure.

Your doctor does your blood pressure or the nurse will do your blood pressure. It’s elevated because you’re under stress. The doctor is under stress, too. The doctor doesn’t have time to even ask you if you’re under stress but will say, “Oh, your blood pressure is elevated. We’ll give you a diuretic.” Continue reading

Zispin — cause of a low blood platelet count?

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My mother got a call from her doctor, the day after a routine blood check.

The doctor told her that her blood platelet count was dangerously low, down to 5 — and that it should be at least 150!

I found out on the web that these figures are in thousands. Apparently, most of us have anywhere between 150,000 to 400,000 platelets per microliter (mcL).

Anything under that and you’re officially labelled as suffering from “thrombocytopenia” — which simply means you don’t have enough blood platelets…

The only symptom was a few bruises here and there that were slow to heal. But apart from that, she felt fine. All other levels were normal — blood pressure, white blood cells, red blood cells… it was JUST the blood platelet count that was a problem. And apparently anything under a count of 20 is potentially very dangerous — spontaneous internal bleeding can occur. Continue reading