Daily Tips

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Best wishes,
Michael Kinnaird

19 thoughts on “Daily Tips

  1. I truly appreciate your daily emails. Life is much easier for me since I’ve been reading your very much appreciated Happy Guide. Thank you!

  2. Finding your hints very helpful. I purchased Happy Guide which is wonderful, but I find the daily tips remind me to step up to the plate!

  3. All the insights are very helpful. I keep almost all of them collected and not thrown away! Valuable pieces of information that come in handy. :)

  4. I find your tips very helpful. The snappy header, the short email and the link to the blog post. The posts are extremely helpful, enlightening and no-nonsense. Thank you.

  5. I look forward to your emails. They help me in my everyday life struggles. They keep me positive and motivated. I have your book too.

  6. I am still very much enjoying all of your emails every morning. I am much better than the day when I stumbled across your site. Thanks for all you do! :-)

  7. I love reading the daily messages that one gets over an email. Have you thought of making a happy guide app for the phone?

  8. Thank you for today’s email. So concisely worded, and so I am able to benefit directly from your authorship. Really wonderful what you are doing.

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