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  1. Through simple lifestyle changes, Happy Guide addresses the root problems and eliminates them. When I look back at my experience, I really didn’t need to go through psychotherapy. I don’t even have OCD. By not giving unwanted thoughts meaning and importance, they simply go away.

    Once again, Mike and James you have my utmost gratitude. You both should be very proud of yourselves for making a positive difference in people’s lives.

    Cheers, and wishing you both the best!

  2. It’s quite a coincidence for me to get news from you since I was just this week considering giving Happy Guide yet another reading. :-)

    It is extremely noble of you and Mike (give him my regards!) to share the fruit of your efforts with everyone and I’m sure they’ll also greatly profit from your wisdom.

  3. You helped me greatly, I can’t say enough to express my gratitude. I know I was just giving attention and letting my junk/irrelevant thoughts prevail. I say thaaaaank you!! You save people.

  4. What a really dang cool book you’ve written here! I’m gonna tell pretty much everyone I know about it, it’s that useful.

    It’s to the point, EXTREMELY clear and easy to follow, and immediately useful information. This is the perfect style book for this day and age, with the information glut and short attention span. I read a lot of self-improvement and lifestyle books, and this is in line with most of them, yet condenses the ideas down perfectly.

  5. You guys are absolutely brilliant! Thank you for doing what you do every day with Happy Guide. It helps so much and I am constantly recommending the Happy Guide, your website and your daily email to everyone. Just so grateful you guys exist!

    Your work has, on more than one occasion, gotten me back on track and helped keep me there. I hope to one day contribute on the level you do and am constantly working daily to do so. You are Effin Awesome! Thanks again!


  6. Happy Guide has been a huge boon to me. Words cannot convey how indebted I am to you for this. Coming off a failed romance, I was absolutely tortured by thoughts of my ex. The grief, fueled by an out of control mind, was so intense that I could barely function anymore, and I could literally feel each thought like a physical blow to my stomach and chest. The book and the articles (and comments) have helped enormously so again thank you thank you thank you.

    I’m sure you get this a lot but I want to tell you what an enormous impact your work has had on my life, and we’re only talking Live in the Moment stuff here, I have yet to consistently integrate the other components into my life. You are touching lives in an incredibly noble way. :)

  7. I just thank god for people such as your self to help others and give your advice. I love what you do, it’s very inspiring. Much love, and god bless you and your brother.

  8. Your Happy Guide has/is a God Send to me. Am a Senior and a Veteran… there is NO care at any of the clinic’s provided… AND especially no interest in holistic health or research… have been denied any vitamins/minerals… with a rebuffed attitude that they “are not needed”.

    Just do not have words on how appreciative am feeling over finding your book, and articles… Thank you again… and Bless you both.

  9. I must admit this is the first time when someone manages to calm down my OCD-ish conscience. Thank you James and Michael for all the amazingly solutions that happy guide offers to all those in suffering. Today you truly made at least one person happy :-)

  10. I had a chronic pain condition that included gout and inflammation. As it got progressively worse I found myself eating more and more “comfort” food. But now I am on track and am no longer dealing with this issue.

    Diet was a big factor. I became very aware of what I was putting in my body. I removed toxins by cutting things like diet soda, sweeteners etc and I started buying organic. Thank you for all your suggestions and information. Blessings, Louise :-)

  11. Michael.. I have suffered with a form of OCD and health anxiety for many years. I found your Happy Guide and you have helped me in many ways. I have shared your site with other friends with other situation that they have and you have also helped them. I just wanted to say thank you.

  12. Everything has been really good since I’ve read your book. It helped me a lot and I just wanted to let you know that.

  13. I have read your book. I must say you give strength to lots of folks to deal with their issues :)) Thanks for the lovely job.

  14. I am awesome. Really. All the issues have got resolved. I am still trying to follow happy guide 100% but I am close now. I just wanted to let you know that I am so very grateful to you that I have no words to express my gratitude. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  15. Happy Guide has completely changed my life. Your chapter on negative thoughts and how to come out of it is amazing… one line YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS is amazing.

  16. It is definitely a good book. Quick read, very concise and to the point, useful information. It has jumpstarted me into putting things into action.

  17. Michael.. James.. As always i thank you for your work. I can not tell how i enjoy your work. I love Happy Guide so much i would love for you to put it on a CD so I could play it over and over in my car..Thank You again for your work… Barry.

  18. I am happy to report that I have read your book and I am very pleased and glad that I did. I can definitely see myself implementing the tips provided. I found it insightful, user-friendly, inspiring and refreshing. Anyone reading this book would be truly better off once they implement and stick with the steps outlined.

  19. I read the free chapter and grasped from this that it was a more practical tool with explanations. Very pleased so far and will be recommending to family.

  20. Happy Guide was a really refreshing and fast read. I have been struggling with maintaining a healthy lifestyle for a while now. This book was so simple on how to get more happiness out of life. It wasn’t anything that other health books haven’t shared before, but it was truly what I really needed to hear in this season of life and has inspired me to be a healthier version of myself. There were many “ah ha” moments for me in reading this.

    The book goes over healthy habits and how to break bad ones, the reasons for unhappiness or why we are struggling, diet and lifestyle suggestions, a diet guide (diet, meaning healthy eating, not being on a crazy fad diet of any kind), exercising, sleeping better (oh, how I need this one), getting organized, and living in the moment.

    A quote that really hit me from the book was, “Perhaps the saddest part of modern living is that our moods are flattened, and our joy for life snuffed out by poor lifestyles. Continuous stress and struggle becomes are accepted normality.” I couldn’t relate to that more if I tried right now!

    As a tired mom who has had sleep and eating habits all over the place recently, this book was just really what I needed to be like, yup – this is a problem, and look, it’s not all that hard to change.

    It was simple, straightforward and I was able to finish the whole thing in about two days. Overall, it was very inspiring and refreshing to know that life doesn’t always have to be so overwhelming!

  21. James, I’d like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the work that you and Michael do. There are simply not enough resources out there that address mental health in a natural, root-focused way. I have found your website to be the most refreshing, friendly and encouraging one I have come across as I traverse a tough period in my life. As I read you and Michael’s comments and email-exchange testimonials with people, I was touched by the authenticity and genuine care that is displayed.

    To answer your question, my primary motivation to buy the book was because I had been reading Michael’s extremely helpful articles on unwanted thoughts. In a sense, I was especially intrigued by the bullet point “Show you how to get rid of unwanted thoughts and have peace of mind”.

    And to be completely honest, I did not find a lot of new insight regarding this issue as the articles on the website cover this topic in more depth than the book itself. That is not to say, I did not enjoy the book or regret my purchase, because the guide helped me identify how deeply rooted my bad living habits had become and gave me a renewed sense of direction on how to improve my overall health, physical and mental. For that, I am very thankful.

  22. Happy Guide is the answer to so many problems. There is really no end to all the wants in this world. It’s a wonderful read. It’s honest, easy to read, informative and a perfect ‘Happy Guide.’ And I love all the quotes in this book.

  23. Happy Guide certainly packs a punch! While being a short read (took me approximately 1 hour), it’s so simple on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and get the best out of life. This has been something I’ve been struggling with for a while, and some sections definitely hit home.

    One analogy that really made me go “wow” was this about self-destructive habits: “A fly in a pitcher plant is, at the beginning eating the plant. At some imperceptible point, the plant is eating the fly.” Overall, it was a very refreshing read that definitely made such complex issues seem so simple!

  24. Happy Guide is a short, succinct guide to how to retrain your mind, and ultimately, your body to be ‘happy’, leading to a more fulfilling life.

    I have been feeling a little bleurgh recently, and reading this gave me a kick up the backside, to start thinking about the root causes of my bleurgh-ness.

    I’ve always been a pretty positive person, and that will never go away, but I fear it had slightly dimmed, with my exhaustion recently. This book reminded me of the various stages I needed to go through to get my ‘happy’ back.

    It was great to have the advice in one place, and in an order, that was easy to follow, and it left me feeling that I could succeed, and feel more fulfilled too!

  25. Michael says “…so much suffering is still caused by ignorance of really simple truths about health and happiness.” and I couldn’t agree more. I found myself hooked with the book finishing it in one sitting.

    It’s been a day since I read the book and I know it’s one of the best because the things I read there lingers in my mind and makes me second think about the choices I’m making in my life. The author did a great job in making the book easy to relate to and simple to understand. It gave me so much insight on the lifestyle I should be focusing on in my life and to think it’s just a short read with less than a hundred pages. That’s what I like about the book, no more beating around the bush, just going straight to the message and it inspired me to take actions immediately.

    With the 6 lifestyle elements that were tackled in the book, today, I’m making a pact to myself to live a lifestyle that will both benefit my health and happiness. I know it will be hard at first to change my lifestyle but one step at a time will lead to making it as my habit. And I’m starting it now. Having the right mindset, I know I’ll be able to achieve health and happiness that I deserve.

    I love this book! Definitely recommending it to everyone. ❤ I will continue to tell my friends and family about the book because it’s really just that amazing!

  26. I had the privilege to read an amazing book, Happy Guide, which tackles everything about happiness and health. Michael Kinnaird found that lifestyle is the root cause of nearly all suffering and that it needs to be changed. Happy Guide takes only about an hour to read and you’ll definitely enjoy it!

    The book contains everything about happiness — how to be happy, what are the causes of unhappiness, the causes of happiness and some happiness secrets! 😉 Honestly it is everything about happiness… and not just that, it also talks about health! There are health tips, some recipes to eat to be healthy and most of all, there are also sleeping tips (which I badly need)!!! This book contained everything we need to know about happiness and lifestyle, so I really enjoyed it.

    The author struggled with his own happiness for like 13 years and through that, he was able to make this amazing book. Kudos to Michael!

    Reading books about health have always bored me, but the Happy Guide kept me entertained and it didn’t really bore me at all! The tips to happiness really entertained me and motivated me to do well in my everyday life as well as in my lifestyle.

    What I really loved about the book is that it is very detailed about a topic and it will explain everything so you won’t get confused or won’t have any following questions at all. Plus, I really loved the sleeping tips! I have struggled with my sleeping schedule and finally, I have learned more tips about it and what other ways I can do to improve it.

    So that ends the review! You are one step away from knowing what real happiness is, so I recommend you get the book!

  27. Happy Guide is an amazing book. It uses Michael Kinnaird’s personal experience and his 13-year struggle to create an eye-opening and easy to follow guide to find more health and happiness in everyone’s life.

  28. Happy Guide is a very important part of my life. As a person who has struggles with health anxiety and a bit of OCD this book along with your e-mails that I read all the time has been a great help to me.

  29. I really dug Happy Guide — I thought it was one of the best compilations of great info in one single place that I’ve seen. A very easy read, and quick useful information for these busy times. This book is great for re-reading/re-conditioning and I am looking forward to doing this in the coming weeks. I think it’s time to give it a good look again.

  30. I have read your book and have taken it to work to be used as a base for the mental team to broach the subject of self care and sane living with our fragile students. I found it summarised well the different facets of life that one can take control of in order to live a better existence both on the physical and mental fronts.

  31. I’ve just re-read the guide. I can’t remember why I downloaded it but I agree with its content. The message badly needs to get out. But I think it’s happening. Thank you for the guide.

  32. I bought the eBook version of Happy Guide and downloaded it onto my iPad. Am reading it from there. It’s a wonderful book. Am so glad I bought it.

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