Welcome to Happy Guide!

It’s run by me, Michael Kinnaird and my brother James Riddett. Our mission is “Everyone is happy and healthy” because if one can be happy, every-one can be happy.

After 13 years of life-destroying fatigue, I got my life back. I did it by learning what our bodies need, and how to make permanent lifestyle changes. But the answers were hard to find in the endless complexity that is the health information industry.

It was a long journey before I finally discovered by fierce logic and experimentation, that health and happiness is about just a few ideas pursued with dogged persistence.

James and I are solely motivated by the desire to prevent unnecessary suffering and help you be happy and healthy.

And as more and more people read Happy Guide and put it to work, we continue to get incredible feedback from people whose lives have been transformed, as well as health professionals in many fields.

“Dear Michael, thank you for being such a wonderful person full of love! I feel how much you hope all readers can live a happy and healthy life, how much you care. I wanted to let you know that you have touched my heart and my life is not the same after I read your book.”— Cissy Ofs, USA

How did Happy Guide come about?

Best wishes,
Michael Kinnaird