I keep needing to go to the bathroom

Andy asks…

“I am having a urinary incontinence problem, real or fake I don’t know. I spend a lot time in the bathroom.

I’m 21 years old and am stressed, anxious, and have been on medication for OCD for about a year and a half.”

© Ardinnnn

You’re very young so based on the stress and anxiety you mentioned, I would bet that this is purely a psychological issue, as opposed to anything physical.

The body reacts in strange ways to perceived danger, and the urinary system is affected more than you might think.

When you’re anxious, muscles hold a certain tension in case it needs to “fight or fly (run away)” at a moment’s notice. That alone can put pressure on the bladder and create a feeling that you keep needing to pee.

There’s more I could go into but bottom line — you need to change your state from tense, anxious and “in your head” to relaxed, spacious and feeling good.

We do this by putting 6 simple lifestyle elements in place — the causes of health and happiness.

Best wishes,
James Riddett

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