Self mastery

© Alex Berger
© Alex Berger

Focus on what you’re doing with a quiet mind — always.

This makes EVERYTHING a meditation and this one thing alone will transform your life for the better…

You will begin to trust that the right thoughts will come at the right time and by being expansive, aware and OPEN in this way, you actually ALLOW the right thoughts to come at the right time.

You are always choosing with your ATTENTION, whether that is to external or internal things. And what you pay attention to will grow… like watering seeds.

This being true, the main thing is to be able to DIRECT your attention where you want it. That is self mastery in a nutshell.

So… when a thought comes, shine that light of awareness onto it, then decide if it represents who you want to be. For unwanted thoughts, indifference, “no importance” is the way to go.

Best wishes,
Michael Kinnaird

8 thoughts on “Self mastery

  1. Michael..James..As always i thank you for your work. I can not tell how i enjoy your work. I love Happy Guide so muck i would love for you to put it on a CD so I could play it over and over in my car..Thank You again for your work…Barry.


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