How to overcome ME/CFS

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS, CFIDS or ME) is a very serious disease. It’s had very little attention from the scientific research world until recently.

This is despite the fact that ME/CFS is fifteen times more widespread than the polio epidemic was at its height.

I got sick with ME/CFS at age 22 (46 now). At age 22 I felt 90. I had glandular fever age 11 and my health deteriorated after that. This is about what finally worked for me and gave me some energy after thirteen years in hell as a zombie…

Tips for healing ME/CFS naturally…

The only thing that worked for me was supporting the body, mind and soul…

  1. Eat and drink the right stuff. Human food ONLY. VERY important. Fruits, veg, nuts, seeds, animal source foods. If you need help with a simple daily plan, then please see our chronic fatigue diet page. Drink 2 liters of filtered water every day.
  2. Stay away from environmental toxins such as exhaust fumes as much as possible. Remove all recreational drugs from your life… tea, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol etc.
  3. Exercise. Walk and build. I’m not talking about exercise in the normal way but move as much as possible. This is a fine balancing act. Without moving our cell waste stagnates in the lymph system and keeps us trapped in a downward spiral. Yoga is also great and leaves you with more energy than you started with. It works on all levels — physical, psychological and emotional — highly recommended for CFS/ME.
  4. Meditate, relax. These methods are wonderful and can be used with profit to spend all the time you will have lying in bed!
  5. Get organized. Get everything you’re worried about actioned (“What can I DO?”) or set for review. This way you prevent a build up of worries causing you stress (the LAST thing you need right now). Please don’t be too proud to ask for help; you need all the help you can get, and delegate as much as possible to free up what little energy you have for healing.
  6. Remove mercury. If you have mercury fillings, get them taken out by a specialist in this field.
  7. Sleep. This is tough and again it’s a balancing act. The thing is… if you have a little energy, use it to move gently… walking, doing your “things-to-do”, yoga/qigong etc, then as SOON as you feel off again… 20-30 minutes rest, then try a little more activity… so we have these rest/move cycles. Try to establish good QUALITY night-time sleep. Bed 10-11 o’clock and getting up before 9 o’ clock. This can give you up to 11 hours in bed but doesn’t allow long lie-ins that can disturb the circadian rhythms.
  8. Create a daily pattern. Establish all these things into a normal daily pattern — very important.
  9. Have good feelings. Good feelings heal. Watch comedy for laughs and stay away from ALL negativity… news, soaps, horror etc.
  10. Believe you will recover. Simply attach the quality of “true” to the idea so that it feels true.

Look to nature

Considering that there is no conventional medical treatment or cure for ME/CFS, I would urge you to look to nature, look to the healing power of body and mind. There’s soooooo much stuff “out there” to confuse you and you can spend YEARS going from medic to medic and trying all different “remedies” and methods.

This is what worked for me and I believe you have a good chance to get well if you get on the right track with the right mindset.

Beware relapse

If you support your body and immune system, it is possible to put ME/CFS into remission but beware… if your immune system is compromised again, you could relapse. Bottom line… do good things, avoid stress, stay on top.

My very best heart-felt wishes for your speedy recovery.

If you have any questions at all, please leave a comment below…

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18 thoughts on “How to overcome ME/CFS

  1. Of those who feel they have recovered, I am wondering if you have been able to resume activity levels similar to those prior to the onset of your ME? I have been suffering for close to a year. At my worst, I operate around 15% and at my best I operate around 75% capacity. There were a few weeks over the summer when I was able to walk a few miles at a slow to moderate pace. It was amazing! Most weeks, all I am able to manage is fixing meals and looking after my two year old. I am eating clean – gluten free, dairy free, no nightshades or red meat. I am eating brown rice, wild rice, and steel cut oats. In time, I may eliminate those, as well. I try gentle yoga. It wipes me out pretty severely, but I want to continue trying to find a balance that works. My greatest love in the world is caring for my son and I want nothing more than to resume the activities we used to do together, mainly tons and tons of outdoor play. Additionally, I’m an avid hiker and daydream all the time about visiting Glacier and so many other places with my husband and son. I guess I’m looking for a nugget of hope, someone to say, “Yes, you will be able to hike again.”


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