Is it better to eat small meals?

Cathy asks…

“The trainer at the gym was saying 5 small meals rather than 3? Yes or no? I’m eating a fair amount of nuts/dried fruit and square of dark chocolate oh and fresh dates for my snack when I feel the need, probably at least twice in the day.

Do I need to be using milk for anything… I came off it years ago and have used soya, rice and oat milk… which one do I go back to to make my porridge with?”

© Pink Sherbet

Five small meals is fine but impractical for most. The meal timing in Happy Guide is what’s going to work for most people and it also fits in with “normal” meal times.

That’s important because we all need to fit in with what’s going on or we become socially distanced. So…

Breakfast: 8am
Lunch: 12noon
Snack: 4pm
Dinner: 6pm
Snack: 10pm

… is a great way to even it all out and stay socially acceptable.

If you are losing weight be careful of the quantity of dried fruit and nuts. The combination hits that nerve that says “Eat loads and loads of this stuff!!” It’s a high carb high fat combo that’s irresistible…

Also, dried fruit can stick to your teeth so don’t eat dried fruit habitually and brush teeth a little while after — not straight away as fruit acids can soften enamel slightly.

Better to go with the snacks in Happy Guide. Fresh fruit (with bio yoghurt if you like) or crudites with dip or small handful of nuts/seeds.

Fresh dates are lovely. Nothing wrong there but again watch the quantity if you’re controlling your weight.

I don’t recommend porridge because of the gluten content. But if you insist, use those types you mentioned but rotate the ones used ie. this week have rice, next oat, next soy and so on.

Best wishes,
Michael Kinnaird

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