All you need to know about spirituality

© Alice Popkorn

One of my favorite subjects — spirituality. Just who are we? I’ve been reading and practicing for over 20 years and I can tell you that this is really all you need to know about it. It’s one line from the Tao Te Ching translated by Stephen Mitchell… 

“Can you coax your mind from its wandering and keep to the original oneness?”— Lao Tzu

That’s it in a nutshell! How spiritual you are is how present you are, and nothing else.

“The ultimate Truth is so simple. It is nothing more than being in the pristine state. This is all that need be said. Still, it is a wonder that to teach this simple Truth there should come into being so many religions, creeds, methods and disputes among them and so on! Oh the pity! Oh the pity!”— Ramana Maharishi

Once you’re clear, you need to set about coaxing your mind from its wandering, not more information.

How? Meditation and living in the moment.

Practice, practice, practice :-) An ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory.

Best wishes,
Michael Kinnaird

8 thoughts on “All you need to know about spirituality

  1. Mike gonna keep that line in my head next few days. Had bit of a revelation few yrs ago in meditation when I actually distanced myself from my thoughts and it made a BIG difference to how I felt and viewed life. I could see I was totally separate from it. So there was another ‘me’ in there..Amazing! Wont get into a deep one about definitions of the soul but the experience was totally along those lines. Sometimes I get caught up in stuff but I do try and remember that I am not my mind. I think I read a hindu thing which said the mind is just like a chattering monkey and its so true.

  2. Regarding what Al said about being totally separate from his thoughts, I fully understand this.I recently heard it referred to as “being a witness to your own thoughts” and for me, that exactly summed up what I have been doing. In doing so, we can choose what thought we allow, what we want to change them to, how to turn them off and allow ourself to be. When this is achieved, we can also recognise that the emotions we feel are our choice, we empower them by what we choose to think.

  3. @ Al. Sounds like you’re a natural buddy! :-) Maybe more meditation???

    @ Marian. Hi Marian, takes lots of practice to get into that place. When I first started meditating it was very hard indeed!

    @ Katheena. What a beautiful summary of “what it’s all about”! I was watching I AM LEGEND today have you seen it? At the end, the woman says “If you listen, God speaks to you.” :-)

  4. Thank you Mike…and yes, I have seen I AM LEGEND… interesting film… funny when it is all said and done, how people gravitate back to a belief of a faith…something to hold onto in our darkest hour so we can feel connected to something and in do so, not alone.

    Faith in something greater gives us hope to rise above and move beyond. :)

  5. Hi Katheena!

    Yes sometimes we need faith… a belief in something that others say is true “because it’s there in their EXPERIENCE” but they can’t give you the experience directly… hence faith.

    I often think… if someone goes to an exotic location… say in the olden days before magazine and TV and world maps. They come back and tell you about it and say “YOU GOTTA GO.” You need faith :-)

    My first email to the group was about “Faith in the Finish Line.” It’s the same. I can say “this is WONDERFUL, you GOTTA GO.” But it takes faith because the actual experience may be a way away.

    Same as getting to that exotic island, same as with your health and happiness, same as God.

    God is especially difficult to find :-) It’s v hard to develop the kind of listening skills you need to hear God. Have you ever read “Conversations with God?” In there “God” says “I can’t tell you my story until you stop telling me yours.”

    That means “Be still.” which means “let-go” which means “Thy will.”

    Faith is not enough though. We also need the means… the way. Imo “listening” is all you need.

    I like this thread :-)

  6. Hi Mike,

    I could jump into heaps of points here however, it may get a little deep for this kind of thing so will keep it light.

    Based on what you said though…it is the same for everyone. One person cannot share their story until the other stops for a moment to listen. Funny how so much that is said goes unheard. It is interesting that to listen and to hear are two very different things.

    People who have exceptional listening skills are people who can think about more than just themselves. For people to learn…..a new habit!!!

    Hmmm….I’ve heard something somewhere about creating and changing habits….wonder where?!?!? ;)

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