Why is there so much suffering in the world?

Why so much suffering in the world?
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Last night I was researching — like I do, a lot.

I was looking again at cancer — the causes, the solutions. Again it was crystal clear to me the enormity of human suffering as well as the enormity of the obstacles that face us.

Behind closed doors is where all this suffering takes place…

Families torn apart by children with cancer, folks unable to move from their bed because of obesity, massive rates of depression.

An astonishing 1 in 4 Americans suffer mental illness.

It all makes me so sad because 99% of all this suffering is totally avoidable and POINTLESS. If it has a point, it could be that it shows us where we’re going wrong but we sure are slow to wake up to the facts…

ONE cause

99% of all this suffering has one single cause. Just ONE. And that is not living right.

Last night I was reading again about Gerson therapy — a natural treatment for cancer. I’ve read about how folks have reversed cancer when they were told they only had a few weeks left to live. What really hits me is that if people can REVERSE cancer in the late stages, how much easier would it be to prevent it?

If your amazing body can heal from cancer given the right conditions, then it can definitely not get cancer in the first place.

A great article I read said that to say cancer has a “cause” is silly. There are so many factors linking into this problem that you just can’t simply say there’s one cause. But the factors are either environmental or lifestyle choices — and I would put the environmental stuff under lifestyle too.

Argue with me if you like but if it ain’t coded into your DNA, then it’s LIFESTYLE.

And the SADDEST part of all this is that I believe deeply in my heart that all this depression and cancer and the rest of the huge iceberg of suffering could just GO AWAY.

It could all just GO AWAY!

When we’re all living right, getting top nutrition from birth — hell, even PRE birth, when we stop polluting our beautiful planet, when schools teach us to live right as a priority, what a world it will be.

We could have it SOOOO good here on planet Earth. The collective might of human minds could resolve all this fairly simply but at the moment, there is both lack of awareness and corruption by vested interests that hide the simple truth from people.

The combination of science, Big Pharma and the media to name only the big players is confusing the simple issue beyond any kind of rational SANITY.

It’s NOT that hard, it’s not that confusing. We are natural beings living unnatural lives and our bodies can’t cope anymore. Kids should not be getting cancer and adult onset diabetes. It all makes me want to cry. I’m filling up right now.

Wake up to the insanity…

What you can do: Get back to nature; eat like a human, act like a human, stop buying into the contemporary madness; the pill for an ill mindset. Stop buying into the stories of people with an agenda.

There are many “awakened” souls out there who, like me, can see through the madness. But in the whole scheme of things, collectively we are no more than a drop in the mad ocean.

How much more suffering will it take before we all wake up? I don’t know. I hope not much.

Best wishes,
Michael Kinnaird

13 thoughts on “Why is there so much suffering in the world?

  1. Dear Mike,

    Thanks for your message of hope – we have to keep telling people that only they can “fix” their suffering.


    Anita Wilson
    Executive Director
    Gerson Institute

  2. Hi Anita,

    Yes, that’s the big message for sure. I met Charlotte Gerson a few years back at a lecture she was doing. Now that’s passion! To be still touring and lecturing and getting the message out at such an age.


  3. Dear Mike
    well said ! I realy share you passion for a better Earth.
    And I enjoy your articles a lot.

    Yet I only wonder how much is it up to us to stop the madness.
    Budaha said sufering is due to atachment.

    Is it relevent to a child raped by a pedophile?
    Can you explain it to parents who lose their children in war?
    Dont attach! end of suffering!

    And although I do believe we have the power to manifest
    a better world. there are external [and internal] demons and
    darkness we need first to defeat.

  4. to put it simply, it may be the money obsessed people who don’t care anything other than money and the worst-apathy. Even if the truth can be found and under the nose in the internet, and people do search of it but do nothing is just an irony. This even links to spirituality and all hell negativity why this earth feels so bad. But after all, it’s not good to live in pessimism, as we all know, so I think good education for children will be the best for a better generation, good health for earth and all. I’m not trying to give a bad message, just spread the fact.
    Knowledge is power!

  5. I lost my dad to laryngeal cancer 4 years ago and I believe it had a lot to do with emotional problems in the family. I am dealing with a lot of the same thing and am currently on a therapy program that has been helping me a lot. I know I don’t have to live the same way and develop the same sickness that has been cycling over and over again. (eg. family history of alcoholism and depression) I don’t want to go that route so am doing what I can to “reprogram” myself from faulty thought patterns. It is difficult, but I know I am worth it! The program is very encompassing and takes into account everything you can think of from thought patterns to diet, exercise, etc…I am willing to change for the better, for myself, my family, and everyone else I affect.

  6. The majority of people are basically lazy. They like to take the easy way – junk food, sugar treats, sitting in front of the TV watching mindless rubbish whilst taking mind-numbing prescription drugs (which they believe are good for them). They don’t want to know or care about any problems other than their own – and if they do know, they want someone else to fix them. They are in their comfort zone.

    I think it is impossible to change them because they do not read, investigate or inquire about anything other than their way; they have a narrow, blinkered outlook.

    As you say, those that do have a different mindset are a drop in the ocean.

    1. Thank you Cissy, great to know you liked it. I was saying to James that we should have an insight linking to this article, because it is a wake up. It was heart-felt when I wrote it. It really could all go away. When I think of all our children, so innocent and happy, but culturally, the way we live, I know the suffering that will befall so many.

      So, now, after you said you liked it, I think yes, we will have an insight about it! Thanks!

    1. In my experience yes. People are healing themselves from stage IV cancer with lifestyle interventions, so that being the case, lifestyle could much more easily prevent cancer. Also, we know that in hunter-gatherers, cancer doesn’t happen or is extremely rare, same for heart-disease etc.

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