How to get rid of fear and scary thoughts after watching a scary movie

Just a movie…

A lot of feedback from our unwanted thoughts post was from young people scared half to death from watching scary movies.

So here’s some specifics for that particular problem. This was the actual list I sent a young girl so scared she slept with a bible.

I’ve kept this post very short to get to the solutions straight away…

Know this:

  1. You’re not alone — most people freak out after watching scary movies, even adults.
  2. YOU ARE SAFE. You aren’t in any more danger now than you were before… it’s just a movie.
  3. You won’t feel scared for long. It will soon pass.
  4. Scary movies are made to scare you, that’s their job.
  5. Part of your mind can’t tell the difference between a movie and real life. It’s THIS part that freaks out, but YOU know… it’s just a movie. Because of this, it’s best to be careful what you feed your mind — what you watch, think and imagine!

Do this:

  1. Do some exercise: You are in a “fight or flight” state so act it out — dance or run about, jog on the spot, do star jumps, skip, have a pillow fight, do some shadow boxing or press ups… whatever.
  2. Watch “behind the scenes” videos to take the realness out of the movie, so you see clearly; “It’s just a movie.”
  3. Do what you can to feel safe: Be with people. Get lots of hugs from your parents, friends, even a pet or a big cuddly toy. Use a night-light.
  4. Keep your mind distracted: Watch comedy, get absorbed in a good book, listen to relaxing music, anything you can to distract your mind. Each time a thought comes up, remind yourself  “It’s just a movie” and distract.
  5. To help you sleep, play the famous lullaby tune by Brahms below. Relaxing soundtracks like waves crashing on the beach would also be very good. Then when it’s time to sleep, use this relaxation technique: Put all your attention into your feet, feel your feet tingling and relax them, then move through every part of your body doing the same thing until you fall asleep.

“I want to say that a while ago I saw this article, it was the night after I saw a scary movie. I haven’t really thought about it since like, 3 months ago! This really helps!”— Katie, USA



A  If you follow all the tips in the article as best you can, that’s the fastest way to get back to normal. It’s all there, everything you need to know and do. Please leave a comment below if you’re having trouble following the advice.

Q  Why am I sooooo scared just from watching a movie?

A  Your mind reacts instinctively to perceived danger and changes your physical and mental state in order to deal with the danger — the “fight or flight” state. We evolved in nature where danger was real, like lions, and your brain still works that way. More about this →

Q  Why am I hearing noises in my house after watching scary movies?

A  If your mind thinks “danger,” your body changes to a “fight or flight” state. One of these changes is that you notice sounds that you normally wouldn’t notice. Your house always makes these sounds but you normally filter them out.

Q  Why are my friends better at watching scary movies than I am?

A  We’re all different. If you were to measure fear reaction in you and all your friends, you would get what is called a “normal distribution.” Most people would be somewhere in the middle, a few would not be affected at all and a few would have an over-reaction. There’s lots of reasons why you react like you do… genetics, previous experiences, beliefs, sensitivity etc. Everyone is different.

Q  If my friends are watching a scary movie, I have to go along or I will be left out. What should I do?

A  Go along if you want to, but don’t get sucked into it. Keep moving your attention away and back, away and back… like… look at objects in the room, notice the objects in the background of the movie rather than on the action, look to see how your friends freak out at the really scary bits :-) And you can keep remembering “that’s just a guy wearing make-up,” “just back a bit is the camera crew and director.” All sort of tricks like this to “keep it real.”

If the music builds up and you know there’s a scare coming, close your eyes or hide behind a pillow! Lots of people do it and the rest will be too absorbed to see what you’re doing.

A few fluttery moments of thrill are what you want from a movie. Losing sleep over it means it wasn’t worth it.

You could take your own DVDs to sleepovers, and see if a great comedy can tempt people away from horror. If you know in advance it’s going to be a horror marathon, you could just skip the event. Your friends won’t ditch you over one blow-off, and you get to spend time with them you actually enjoy.

If you’re REALLY sensitive and know you can’t handle it, then just say “No thanks.”

Q  Why can’t I sleep after watching a scary movie?

A  As you settle down to sleep, there are no distractions for your mind, it’s just you and your thoughts. It seems as though you are looking at your thoughts through a big magnifying glass.

Whatever you fear, you will be reminded of — it’s just a primitive part of your mind protecting you against what you saw as danger. If you react with anxiety to your thoughts, your body makes adrenaline as part of the “fight or flight” reaction. This will keep you awake and stop you sleeping. Then a vicious cycle of more thinking, more anxiety and so on.

To prevent this happening, you need another focus and to stay relaxed. To do this, play the famous lullaby tune as soon as you get into bed. Put your attention on the music. This will give your mind something to focus on and the calming effect of the music will help you relax. When it’s time to sleep, use the relaxation technique (tip 5) to keep your mind off scary thoughts.

If you wake in the night, remember, “it’s just a movie, no real danger” and then immediately use the relaxation technique again until you go back to sleep.

Q  What about movies that are based on true stories?

A  Saying a movie is based on actual events is just a way to get you more scared. An unusual event is often used to make unquestioned false assumptions, distorted, and then built upon further to end up with a story that has zero truth in it. In short, you can safely assume that no scary movie is true. It’s just a silly movie.

Best wishes,
Michael Kinnaird

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440 thoughts on “How to get rid of fear and scary thoughts after watching a scary movie

  1. I didn’t excatly watch a scarey movie to make me feel scared. I hadn’t watched anything scarey today. I need to wake up really early for school tomorrow and it is so late in the night. I just remembered something I saw on tv once about how to dream about someone that you want to see. I wasn’t sure if it would work but i tried it anyway. While I was trying a saw a really scarey face. Which started it all. Then i thought back to something I saw a few years ago. In a move. It was about a ghost, haunting, and you saw the couch that looked like someone sat there but no one was there. While I was laying in bed, I felt the covers move down like someone was sitting down but no one was there. I looked and it actually looked like someone was sitting there! I got so scared, I knew I wasnt going to be able to sleep. But while I felt the covers sinking down I kept telling myself it was just in my mind but it didn’t work. I really need to get to sleep and I have no idea what to do. I always sleep with the tv on so that I have something to concentrate on to keep away the scarey thoughts I always think about when I am trying to sleep. But for some reason tonight it hasn’t worked. I have no idea what to do and if I told my mom, I think she would just give me a funny look and say, “Okay?” :(

    1. Hi Nicole,

      This is a good example of “attention is the volume control for thoughts.” What we pay attention to grows, what we remove attention from dies away. It’s also a good example of the power of what you feed your mind. So you gave attention to something, an idea, then that triggered a memory of a scary thing… and so it grows on :-) And then the scary thing triggers an anxious state, your body changes to “fight it flight” and then your truly “off on one.”

      So really, you must do the opposite… feed your mind with positive stuff, stuff that makes you feel good, feel safe. You must learn the power of attention and learn to choose where to put it. And all of this stuff will apply to so many things in your life and make it so much better.

      So, once you’ve gotten yourself into a pickle by paying attention to scary things, follow all the tips in the article, and learn the cause and effect of what you’ve done. And then perhaps decide not to do it again :-)


  2. also scarey movies dont scare me. I have watched rated R movies for a couple years now. I am only 14 and for some reason at night when im trying to sleep all my thoughts come together and i think the worst when ever i hear a noise. I love scarey movies they are my favorite kind of movie. its the ghost stuff that scares me. not in the movie either, just thinking oh my gosh if i looked in the mirror and saw a ghost that would be soooo scarey, and then i am afraid to look in the mirror, and my conscious goes crazy telling me dont look in the mirror, dont look in the mirror, dont look in the mirror…

  3. i try telling myself its just a movie but then i think that the things in the movie will get mad at me if they are real because we dont actually know.

    1. We do know Victoria… movies are just made up, and scary movies are made to scare you and they’ll use every trick in the book. Trust me, you can safely and confidently ignore every single thought and feeling to do with scary movies with a “don’t care” attitude. If a thought comes that seems important, you can smile at that because they’ve managed to get into your head, using the way you naturally react to things. It’s clever, but sick. Trust me, you can ignore it all and even if a thought seems important, stay consistent in telling your mind “No, it’s not, this is just a trick… it’s really just a silly movie.” Mike

  4. Okay thank you. I have decided I’m done watching scary movies cause I struggle doing things at night and sleeping. That last scary movie I saw was devil inside. And the main reason I got scared was because it said it was a scary true story

    1. Hi Bri, read the bit in the article FAQ about these so called “true” stories. They ain’t true, you can safely forget, you’ll come to no harm at all by forgetting so feel free to forget all about it asap. I’m happy you’ve decided to stay away from scary movies. Good choice in my view.

  5. Usually I never get scared. Even if I did, my sister is always more scared than me, so I try to keep her calm. And it comforts me that I can comfort her. If she’s not watching with me, I amuse myself by humming rock bass lines to all the music in the movie. But if she ever joins me to watch a scary movie, she almost strangles me with hugs, and when it’s bedtime, I just pet her on the head and she calmly goes to sleep, and her beautiful, soft long hair soothes my shaky hands, I kiss her goodnight, and we both fall asleep in a really cute hug.

  6. Hi –
    This page is so good and has calmed me down loads! I’m 13 and watched a really scary movie today (paranormal activity 2!) And I’m literally sooo scared and can’t sleep! Please reassure me this is NOT real and its camera tricks:( xxx

  7. What about movies that were filmed by the actual person it happened to? Ex. Blaire Witch Project. I don’t think abut that now or stories that are “true” Ex. Squidwards Suicide on Creepypasta.I’m still creeped about that one. *shudders*

    1. Trust me None Ya, none of this stuff is true. I never think about this stuff and guess what — nothing bad happens :-) Attention is the volume control for thoughts, so I would suggest and recommend getting your head out of creepy nonsense :-) Forget about it all, it’s all rubbish. Ciao! Mike

  8. I’ve heard on the first day of school in fifth grade that some people Bloody Mary is real. Is She real? Same with the scary comments you may see on Facebook or Youtube which is spam. But is it real?

    1. Hi Zachary,

      Bloody Mary WAS real, but is long gone. Can you summon up her spirit by saying her name 3 times or 13 times, in a mirrorr… NOOOO :-) And even if you could, would you want to??? ahahah I wouldn’t. The IDEA of it freaks us out though doesn’t it, and in a way that’s kind of exciting. But honestly, I would get your head completely out of all this kind of rubbish and pay attention to good stuff, fun stuff and other stuff like that :-)

      I DO think that what you pay attention to matters. And you always have a CHOICE about that Zachary.


      1. I’m Mike. I wanted to know if no matter how scary the movie is, will It eventually go away without any medication, just with time it will pass.

  9. I have an irrational fear of horror movies. Ive seen 2 and I wont be scared at all but as soon as I try to relax I get scared. If I want to b scared all I have to do is watch trailers for horror movies. Weird thing is I don’t get scared if I hear about a cannibal loose in my city. I’m more like that’s a bit frightening then shrug it off. But horror movies… no matter what I do it always comes back to haunt me! I a few minutes ago watched trailers for every movie on a list for top 10 scariest movies out of boredom. I am in 6th grade so I’m WAY to old to ask to sleep in my parents room or something so I am in my bed with my de-clawed fat lazy cat Tucker (what protection he is with my iPod touch in 1 hand and my metal nail file that has a sharp point like a knife in the other. As my dear buddy Elijah say I am “Resourceful, and homicidal” (I can figure out a way to use ANY object as a murder weapon. Though I wouldn’t. I have a phobia of veins and bones- also meaning yes I can look at my own wrist without doing this weird spasm thing) and trying think of happy thoughts. But I SWEAR that on scene in Halloween looked EXACTLY like my room!!! I’m so paranoid. Typing this is making me feel better but I am having the 4 year olds every-night-deal of there’s a monster in my closet right now- and I do mean closet cuz there is no where else in my room to hide ‘cept the drawers (and mine are packed full of junk so). And now my ‘oh so dear protector’ (aka tucker) has fallen asleep in my lap. and I am alone again. did I mention its dark out and I’m VEEEERY weird ? But I feel calmer (@ least a bit and plan on watching a Disney movie now) so thanks for this… um… whatever its called.

  10. Okay, so this helped kind of, but I still get random flashes of the ‘thing.’ I’m freakin’ out! Everytime I close my eyes, it flashes..I’m terrified :/…

    1. Hi Annie, if you get a fear flash, just see it for what it truly is… “just a movie, there’s no danger” and then use relaxation to take your mind away — See the FAQ “Why can’t I sleep after watching a scary movie?” for more details.

  11. i listened to the lullaby and it is very soothing… i know that ghosts don’t exist and it’s just our thoughts that scares us as we think of the movie we have watched… i have a suggestion: try to watch something that can be related to anything of the horror movie but is still funny… for example, how the ghosts in the harry potter series aren’t scary but helpful and how the poltergeist (peeves) is a prankster… i hope my suggestion helps! :)

  12. PLEASE HELP I’M 11,
    I just played Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie mode with my friends and i wasn’t scared when i was playing it.
    Before this I watched some zombie clips on Youtube one really really REALLY scared me the clip was with real people and CoD World at War Nazi Zombies but they looked really REALLY REALLY REAL!!
    and now I’m so scared my I can’t sleep i know that it’s fake but i can’t get it outta my head! I’m also really unwell does that have anything to do with it?? I was scared by a zombie thing when i was younger and couldn’t sleep for ages.
    I also heard the advert for Paranormal Activity 3 and that scared me big time.
    I know it’s not real it just really scares me!
    Any tips or tricks?

    1. Hi Peter,

      Yes follow the tip n tricks in the article. It can make a difference if you’re not well yes, and also your previous fear of zombies also makes a difference. Make a decision not to think about it anymore, and then if you get a thought or a fear flash, just remember it’s not real and then put your attention somewhere else. Keep repeating that, that’s the main thing, but all the tips will work together.


  13. I want to say that a while ago I saw this, it was the night after I saw A scary movie. I haven’t really thought about it scince like, 3 months ago! This really helps!

  14. Hi Mike,

    So i watched this movie [Wicked Attraction] and it was really scary. I took your advice, and calm down, then the next day i was really stressted out. I couldn’t get it out of my mind, cause obviously it has murders in it, but i’ve been scared for a month now. What do i do?

    1. Hello Amanda. Since I’m pretty religious so I rely on my god or idol to help through hard time in my life. But if u r not, here are ways to help you to over come your fear.( 1.Writing about your feelings will help 2. Do not try to talk to your fear figure, you r pretty much making yourself believe that your fear figure is really there 3. It is good to talk about your fear to learn from others how to handle your fear 4. If that doesn’t work turn to logic, this is the technique my cousin uses when he’s paranoid, if you are physically in shape just imagine yourself beating the living crap out of your fear figure 5. Or you can try to imagine the director saying ” Lights, Camera, Action!” This will help you face the truth that the movies are all mind tricks, invisible cable ropes, and professional animation, trust me I know because I’ve been behind scenes of movies and shows 6. And if you think you see your fear figure, just know it won’t physically hurt you in any shape or form.
      This is my knowledge to you Amanda and good luck and GOD speed. : )

    1. @Katie. Thanks for letting us know. I’ve added your feedback to the article cos it will help people to trust the info. Thanks!

      @Amanda. The meaning you’ve given is “This could happen to me” and not “Just a silly movie” as suggested. The meaning you give causes your mind to react in a certain way. You’ve given the most powerful reason possible “My life is in danger.”

      You’re not in danger at all, and so, you have to tell that new truth, that the “danger” is gone to your mind by your attitude “don’t care.”

      Read this post to understand a bit more…

  15. Hello, 2 days ago i watched insiduous. for the past 2 nights ive slept in my mums bed, i am really scared. I know it is physically impossible )the things in the movie) but it scared me so much-it was the 1st horror movie i watched. My mum says im scared because my mind is acting faster than me and it expects it to happen to me, is this true?
    i can’t get to sleep unless someone (or my dog) is literally beside me. I feel like such a baby, but i dont know what to do! i will try the instructions above, but is there anything else that might help me forget?

    1. Hi Scared, well sleeping with your mum or your dog is good to do if it helps you. If you want to know why you’re freaking out, then there’s more about that here…

      So… it helps to SEE it for what it is… just a movie, then you remove meaning, you see that your mind is just reacting instinctively so that you can see what’s happening in a new light.

      To FORGET something, means it IS NOT THERE, so quick diversion of attention, immediate IGNORING of thoughts and fear flashes helps you to move towards forgetting.

      So… follow the tips, if you get a thought about it, remember “just a movie” and pay attention to SOMETHING else. Repeat for EVERY SINGLE occurrence of the thought. Be CONSISTENT in telling your mind this is meaningless, there’s no danger by your ATTITUDE (don’t care) and your attention. All that adds up to ignoring. That’s the main thing but be sure to follow all the tips for the best results.

  16. I’m watched this movie and now I’m scared that this stuff will happen to me too, what should I do?? I’m terrified…

    1. Hi Paris,

      Every time a thought comes about it, tell yourself “It can’t happen to me, it’s just a stupid movie” and then pay attention to something else. And follow all the other tips too. Mike

  17. Mike, it’s me again. I played Donkey Kong 64 a week or two ago and in the second level, an ancient desert kind of city place with three temples, I learned about an enemy called Krosshair, a demonic Scottish robot who is the guardian of a temple with five doors. This demon, when you get a golden banana at the end of the path of each door, points some sort of laser sniper cannon thing at you (all you can see is the aiming cursor from the cannon) and says “GET OUT” in a really deep, demonic, Scottish accent. I usually found this entertaining and was never scared even when it happened back when I was 10, but this time my sister was watching me play, and it was what she said that scared me:

    I was playing at night and she was apparently so scared after Krosshair spoke, that when I paused the game to get something to eat after I escaped from the temple, she got angry and beat me up for leaving her alone. And when I started the 7th level, a haunted floating castle, she was crying because there was moaning in the Catacombs music. The thing I’m scared about is how angry she can get if I don’t “protect” her. I’m thinking that if I was away at high school and she watched a movie while I was gone that she’d get so angry about me not being in the house that she’d kill me when I get home. We both need two completely different types of help, but still both having to do with fear.

    1. Hi Aaron, that’s why I suggested to you before, with the clown prank that you’re playing a dangerous game. It’s about fear volume. Exposure to fear as entertainment once in a while, if you’re mature enough to handle it is one thing (but then MOST people watching 18 horror movies are KIDS!! grrr, and the same goes for 18 video games).

      Now with you two things are a little different too — more like using fear to be very close emotionally, so it reinforces your dependence on each other, you as protector, like when a guy takes a girl to a scary movie and both are in on it — but with you two, it’s become a habit.

      It seems that rather than squish her fear altogether, you provoke it, so you can be protector again.

      As I said, I think it’s a dangerous game to play, and if your sister is sensitive to this kind of stuff then I would really suggest you focus on truly ending her fear rather than get into these habits that could lead to problems if you don’t nip it in the bud.

      Find other ways to be close and to show her you love her. Find other things for ENTERTAINMENT. Of course you can protect her, that’s normal and nice, but if you love her you will want her to be STRONG and INDEPENDENT. To force her weakness so you can protect and she be comforted, as I said, is a dangerous game, a bad habit… not good mate imo :-)

  18. I am 11 years old and am really scared of the unknown I hav heard true stories about it and read your articles. I often get chainmail and also often my brother or friends watch scary movies I know I shouldn’t do this but then I’m the odd one ouuuut the leftover I get really scared and have tried your tips what do I. do please help soon I am petrified of all

    1. Hey Laddie,

      I’ve added a Q/A to the FAQ section in the article to cover your question “If my friends are watching a scary movie, I have to go along or I will be left out. What should I do?”

  19. Helllo its me again and as I said I’m really sensittive to this stuff but my brother and some in my familly just keep acting like I’m such a baby when I wanna watch and even now I’m just scared from reading some of these peoples stories and I don’t know why I eeven know that its.because of all that stuuff but even when I get sick or talk about this kinda stuff or watch the movies I think the stuff will be angry if I don’t believe in it and it usuually happens on the second night after I settle dowwn and like that other pperson said when they feel a breeze in the room then its like the breath or stuff like that u know :( pleasee reply soon asap its going to be bed time I’m ony 11 and I have a test tomorrow plus I know ur only like talking about scary stuff but because I can’t watch a scary movie they get mad if I do and then get scared and hav to sleep with my step mom and she gets angry and they make fun of me if I don’t huh I’m screwed :(

    1. Hi Laddie,

      You’re NOT a baby for being scared at 11 years old!! And you have a choice… just don’t watch it, and if they make fun of you, best to laugh along ahahahh yeah very funny blah blah. If you can’t laugh along, then stop caring if they make fun, just don’t care “whatever.”

      Look on the box… EIGHTEEN. This sick stuff is meant for 18 year olds not 11.

      I reckon they’ll soon get bored of teasing you.

      Tonight, just get your head totally OUT of scary stuff, don’t think about it… just relax ’til it’s time to sleep with a book and some relaxing music or something like that. Good luck with your test :-) Mike

  20. Well Mike, I am not really forcing fear onto her, it’s just that she consistently watches me play games that have a scary part in, strangely, a quite harmless level. I don’t know why there’s a demonic Scottish robot saying “GET OUT” in a desert temple. She just clings to me most of the time. The thing is, she’s never really been angry at me for not being there for her before, and so now I’m kinda scared of HER. She usually sits through YouTube pranks easily, and even laughs at people for fearing Giygas from EarthBound on the Super Nintendo, but something about movies and games seems to get her by surprise.

  21. hello habbit guide again i have another habbit i look at scary stuff it gets off my mind but when i go to sleep i remember them how can you help?

  22. I seem to have a problem with these scary thoughts, since I was about 10 one movie has always strikes my mind. It got to the point where I wanted to see someone about it, yet my parents never listened. I have a active imagination, and so I always think about everything. It sucks. I can’t watch movies that make you jump, I can watch Saw that does not scare me one bit, yet I saw the woman in black and now that has completely messed up my head. I end up turning the light on everytime I am in a separate room, and when it is time to go to bed I hide under my covers, which I have been doing since I was 10 due to a specific movie. Do I need to see someone about this? Since these things for me do not ‘pass’ and it really does irritate me. Help!

    1. Hi Hannah, I think first of all you can stop watching them. They’re made to scare you. Look on the box… they’re made for 18 year olds, not 10 year olds. So, with what’s happening to you now… have another read of all the tips and the FAQ and commit to doing them properly and consistently. And you should then feel better and better if you’re consistent. If you can’t do it on your own, you’ll need to see someone yes, but if you’re consistent in applying the tips, you’ll be fine.

  23. My daughter, 10, came home from a friend’s house where she had watched a scary movie. She was frightened and upset. We had been watching cartoons, but she was still upset, so I figured she needed a better distraction. I tried to find behind the scene videos online for her to watch to kind of take the realness out of the movie. I ended up finding some funny videos with the scary character and that helped her out a lot.

  24. I found this page at 25 and found it super helpful! I know it’s hard to get out of it if a group of friends want to watch horror and you don’t. My advice is to bring your own DVDs to sleepovers etc and see if a great comedy can tempt people away from horror. If you know I advance it’s going to be a horror marathon, just skip the event. Your friends won’t ditch you over one blow-off and you get to spend time with them you actually enjoy. If you’re stuck, read the blurb so you can know what to expect and mentally brace yourself. If the music builds up and you know there’s a scare coming, close your eyes or hide behind a pillow! Lots of people do it and the rest will be too absorbed to see what you’re doing.

    A few fluttery moments of thrill are what you want from a movie. Losing sleep over it means it wasn’t worth it.

    1. Some great ideas there Nithya, thanks! I’ve added your advice to the “If my friends are watching a scary movie, I have to go along or I will be left out. What should I do?” section.

  25. I have an idea for stuff like this. Think about how funny it is that some things that happen in movies don’t really make sense. For example, I laugh at the fact that as soon as you say “I’ll be right back” you will NOT come back. And in real life, people are almost ALWAYS back after they say that. Of course, my sister is being careful not to say that she’ll be right back because she thinks she won’t.

    I just realized that most of the things I post here are about my sister, so I’ll say now that her name is Tiffiny.

    1. Yeah good one Aaron. Hi Tiffany :-) See… if she’s scared to say “I’ll be right back” then the movie is getting to her tooooo much and imo, she should stay away from them! Just sayin’ :-) Talking of real life, I’ve never seen a zombie or a vampire, how strange :-)

  26. Well, let’s just say you caught on to my little plan there. Using sarcasm to counterattack the idea that something could happen. “That’s right, it makes my skin crawl.” You would realize you said something that isn’t true, catch yourself, laugh and completely ignore the thought of things being out there ready to attack.

  27. well i suggest everyone to watch their scary movies on school days because the next day you will feel safe with all your friends around you and even if youre scared, youll be scared together for example: you can ask if they can walk with you to your locker or the bathroom. i also watch something funny and most of the time it helps. Oh and listen to music so you can sing along and get your mind off things. If you have siblings, in the middle of the night you can just run to their room and sleep with them if things get too scary for you. I know the feeling…waiting in bed to fall asleep and in your mind being like “Im gonna go to my brothers room” and just run there quickly even if youre scared because if youre gonna do it…better now than later, the longer you arent there youre just going to be scared for longer! Also before watching a movie ask about it and even if there is the slightest chance youre gonna be scared you should think if it is really worth being freaked out of your mind!

  28. I have a different type of fear but I feel like it relates here. Recently, I read many scary stories online and they freaked me out. They were accompanied with images that also were disturbing. The stories were fiction but they portrayed events that could actually happen. I’m fine when I watch movies because I just watch the behind the scenes and I am reminded that it is just a movie. But a story is something else entirely. I get scared when the lights are off and stay up until I am exausted enough to sleep. Any advice?

    1. Hi Alan, why not just stop reading them if they freak you out so much? I take issue with your idea that these stories “could” happen. There’s lots of things that “could” happen but don’t. Clever Mark Twain said “The worst things in my life never happened.” In other words, his imagination of the worst, worry about it, was the damaging thing.

      Attention is the volume control for thoughts. And what we FEAR, causes our minds to react in instinctive ways which evolved to deal with REAL and PRESENT dangers like lions and tigers.

      Still, once the damage is done, the best way forward is to follow the tips in the article.

  29. Hey Mike,

    I Have a question.. Is it true that dolls come alive from the spirits? Just wondering so i don’t freak out..

    1. No Amanda it’s not true that dolls come alive. The fact you’re asking means that your thinking has become very distorted. I seriously urge you to stop exposing yourself to scary stuff… it’s all rubbish and you don’t need it, and rather than simply being entertainment, it’s actually hurting you because you’re believing it.

  30. Now then, None Ya mentioned Creepypasta. I’ve read Pokemon’s Lavender Town Suicides, Sonic R’s Tails Doll Curse, even the hack of Pokemon Red that is yet to be made! And I was BORED. BORED I say. Not scared at all. Tiffiny was creeped out by the true coding of a battle called “Buried Alive” in Pokemon Red from the Lavender Town part, but that’s about it.

  31. Just watched a scary movie and couldn’t sleep, I’m so happy I found this article, I was terrified! But I’m calming down and now maybe I can even sleep…

  32. Thank you!It helped a lot.I couldn’t sleep last night after watching a movie called ” Paranormal Activity 2″.I wish I didn’t.I tough I’ll have to move my bed in a Church just to get some sleep.Damn it!

    It’s not like I’m afraid of dark or anything,but this movie isn’t about blood or stuff like that,but still,it remained in my mind and didn’t let me sleep.It was made like it would supposed to be a documentary and I watched it like so.

    I wonder why some people like this kind of movies.Chesus!

  33. Hi. My name is Wes and I’m 13 yrs old. Now i don’t watch scary movies hardly ever, mainly because i am not able to sleep very well after i see one. But the ones i have seen have really given me a scare. I have seen 3 different types of scary movies, ill list a couple here: The Crazies, Disturbia, Saw, etc. Something that i have figured out is that watching scary movies does absolutely nothing for you. Ive read a couple of your guys’ stories, and, well, sleeping with your parents at 16, not eating right, its not healthy. Do not watch scary movies, or anything close to scary movies, watch comedy, workout, play non scary video games, anything else with your time. If your in a bad situation right now and you cant sleep, i would recommend getting a waves crashing on the beach soundtrack. Its very soothing, and puts good thoughts in your mind, and before you know it, your knocked out. Also, i used to suffer from night trauma as well. I was about ten, and i had just watched a scary movie. I couldn’t sleep, (and this was like the second week of not sleeping) and i was tired of going to school with only 4 hours in the tank, so i started using a night light again. I know some of you might think it a bit weird, but i only had to use it for a week and i was back on track. If any of this info helps, i was glad to be of assistance.

  34. well I just want to say that everyone is telling me its not real and I know its not real but I cant seem to fight it!! :( every time i have a friend over I am usually fine and im fine when its day time, but when its night time or when im with just my mom I think of the movie even though i try to put something else in my head that scary thought is still there. My mom told me that our house is the safest place in the world for me but what I want to know is, if our house is so safe then why does every scary movie have the plot of there own house.?.?. but this has been going on sense December 12th 2011 and its now march 2012 and its been so long and I still think about it and the friends I watched the movie with are back to normal and im still scared out my mind and I know this is really long I apologize, but I just want to know why I am scared because I hate it because now I can barely sit in my room alone and I hate it I just want to be a normal kid where I can watch a scary movie with friends and then be fine afterwards and I want to be able to sit in a room by myself again!!!!! :'( I just want this to be over with, please help and tell me what to do about this!.!.!.!.!.!.!.! thank u so much and I apologize it’s so long.

    1. Hi Jade, maybe a lot of scary movies are set in “the house” because that’s where you normally feel safest, so they want to say “you’re not even safe there!!” They’re just trying to scare you as much as possible because that’s their job — you signed up for a scare no? :-) But to be honest, they are made to scare adults, so when kids watch, you get scare OVERLOAD! :-) Not good.

      Try to think of all these scary movies as just tricks to scare you. It’s like the movie-makers KNOW how to push your scare buttons and they use every trick to do it.

      Now with your mom at night, the fear can become linked to that scene — you and your mom, like a habit, so every time it’s just you and your mom, the thoughts come back. So… what you do is to remember the truth — just a silly movie, and then focus on OTHER stuff, like TV, reading, homework or whatever. Now every time a thought comes, remember “just a silly movie” and then put you attention back onto something else. Now, have a don’t care attitude about any thoughts that come and that will gradually tell your mind “this is nothing to me, I’m safe.”

      It’s all in the 5 “DO THIS” tips. Read those tips until you’re really, really clear and then just do it and trust me that it’s fine and safe to do it. Then you’ll be able to relax and everything will go back to normal. Keep doing it right all the time without any slip-ups. So I mean… every single thought gets the same treatment and even if you suddenly feel scared, just know that it’s ALL TRICKS, just a movie made on purpose to scare you, there’s no real danger.

  35. I was recently reunited with another sister, younger than Tiffiny. Her name is Natachea (pronounced like Natasha), and she completes the triplets of one boy and two girls in the Rayner family. We’re all still overwhelmed with joy even though it’s been 3 days already.

    Natachea has about the same fears as Tiffiny, but some she’s braver and some she’s more scared. They both have the same amount of emotional sensitivity to darkness and movies, and though they like to stay together to be safe, they still say they need me. I don’t know why, though.

    Also, before Natachea and I found out that we were related, she used to be my girlfriend. We used to have some dirty conversations on YouTube, and I think she’s still getting used to the fact that I’m her brother. I’m a little worried, though. Do you think you could make another article based on this last paragraph?

  36. In all honesty, ever since becoming a teenager the only thing that has ever scared me is an enemy type in a Wii game called Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon. I’m fine with all the dark-minded jellyfish-looking things with faces, and ballerinas with thick strings for bodies that kick you, but I really hate how you have to fight LIVING carnivorous animals. LOYAL ones, like boxer dogs. I’m even confused about how the eyes of those things glow in the dark like that. I mean, seriously. A large canine whose eyes glow in the dark. That makes about as much sense as playing 3 rounds of hide-and-go-seek with that damn ghost girl who gives you a key. THAT LITTLE B*TCH KEPT BEING SOMEWHERE ELSE WHEN I THOUGHT I FOUND HER!

    Hope this is appropriate, it still gets to the point.

    1. Hi Aaron… my son is very hardy when it comes to scary stuff, although naturally, I’ve kept him away from sick stuff. He LOVED the Nightmare Before Christmas and watched it when he was about 5 or something and saw it about 10 times. BUT there was a cartoon skeleton in a rubbish episode of Tintin that freaked him out!! He says it’s sinister stuff that does it… things lurking in the shadows.

    1. Hi WeeKiwi7,

      If you are clear that you don’t want the thoughts, i.e. they are not helping, and you’ve done all that can be done, then remove meaning and attention every time a thought comes… you notice it, see it has no value, put attention somewhere else… essentially, ignore.

      You always have a choice about what things mean, and what to pay attention to.

  37. I recently just watched a movie about possession and exorsism and there was a part she climbed up the wall now i imagine that the girl is climbing up my wall.

  38. Hello.
    I always think about the little killer doll Chucky. I did not see the movie but my friends say he is real. I sing a song, and it goes like this. ABC 123 Chucky is my enemy.I cannot help to stop jibber jabbing about it. 2 weeks ago my friend Leanardo brought the grudge to school and they both get on my nerves. I also sleep with the WHOLE light on because of those stupid, scary movies. WHY DO PEOPLE MAKE THESE THINGS?!!? How can they die from my memory?

    1. Hi Brady,

      You say you jibber jabber about it and want to forget it? But talking about it is keeping your attention on it. To forget about something you have to stop caring about it, see it for what it is, a sick movie, and remove attention if the memory pops up. You need to do it consistently, without fail, every time.

      So a thought pops, a fear flash, whatever. You remember “just a movie” and put your attention somewhere else.

      All this amounts to ignoring every single occurrence of the unwanted thoughts, until they’re gone.

      Stop talking about it, stop caring about it, ignore every thought about it.

  39. Okay, soooo, I’m playing this survival horror/action game. It’s a great game, and I love it to death. But, I got to this one part that scared me so bad. Normally, if I’m just into it, I yell and shout, but when I’m really terrified, I can’t scream. So, I was sitting there gawking like a moron. LOL I got really mad at first, but then, later that night, I felt terrified again, and started crying! And since it’s a game, you HAVE to react, otherwise, your character will die. So, I took it really hard. I have a mild case of OCD, so when I encounter something like this that scares me so bad, my stupid brain will reply noises, images, even the soundtrack to cause a lot of anxiety. I’ve never been able to handle getting terrified very well. This is the first survival horror game I’ve ever played, and as much as I’ve enjoyed this one, it’ll probably be the only one, because just one part lead me to tears, because I was so scared!

  40. Thanks for all the information, I took get really freaked out when I watch horrors, and at nigh its the worst as I have plenty of time for my mind to tick over. I watched a 18 about 5 months ago ( bearing in mind I’m 13) and it still comes back every night. And I always remember the most scary parts. But what always get me to sleep is to match a great comidy or action film to get my mind off things!! Thanks!!

  41. it isn’t a movie, but these creepy online stories and pictures. I’ve been freaking out all weekend and it won’t stop. i’ve had six panic attacks and i need help now! i’m just so desperate, i don’t think i can stand it one more night!!! please help me! 4/2/2012

  42. just adding to the above, i already tried relaxing and everything. i did what my psychiatrist told me and just sat there and stared at the pictures and had my friend explain all the details of the stories so i could just get bored and not react to it, but it just doesn’t work. I feel nauseous and scared ALL THE TIME!!! i think i need pills or something, i just can’t fix this. Even when i forget about it, my dreams just make another terrifying image and i just can’t get it out. PLEASE, PLEASE ANSWER THIS NOW!!! 4/2/2012 p.s. (the stories are called creepypasta, specifically one called jeff the killer. just for the love of god don’t bring a picture of it up on the site.)

    1. Hi Jacob,

      If you’re in a panic state, then you need to exercise to burn up all the adrenaline in your body. After that you want to keep your mind totally AWAY from it. Just follow all the tips — everything you need to know and do is there.

      If you succeed in forgetting, yes, these images etc may appear in your dreams for a little while — that’s totally normal. If you wake up, then simply remember “Just a made-up story,” and then use the relaxation method as it says in the article.

  43. The song makes us feel like we are high and makes us laugh sooooo hard we can’t breath……. BUTTTTT it helps take our minds off of things…. :)

  44. When I watched a scary movie.I just tried to think about them funnily.Like..Say I imagine Scream, in a princess dress with a pink crown,then it won’t be scary instead it will be funny.
    One day I was going to bed and I imagined scream I was so scared but then I thought…..Hang on a minute what if…..he was wearing the Bob the builder outfit.I started laughing!!! Then the fear faded away.

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