Is meditation a form of self-hypnosis?

Drew asks…

“Do you think that meditating is a form of self hypnosis? I’m guessing you do as you mention positive affirmations in Happy Guide.

The reason I asked is I read a book about it and there was a section about putting yourself into a trance. What it sounded like to me was meditating but concentrating on certain words or affirmations instead of nothing.”

© Chiaralily

No Drew, meditation is not self-hypnosis or a trance state. Hypnosis uses the power of suggestion to alter the unconscious mind.

To do this a trance state is induced to heighten the receptiveness of the suggestions. Both hypnosis and trance cause a lowering of awareness, a bypassing of some discriminating and logical functions.

Meditation is a raising of awareness!

Meditation is all you need

Once in a meditative state, you can powerfully focus on new beliefs, affirmations, contemplations and so on to alter the way you think or visualize outcomes powerfully. But this doesn’t bypass your logic, that is fully functioning in meditation…

Happy Guide did talk a bit about affirmations in earlier versions but now only mentions it once with one suggested affirmation. This is because we wanted to give only those methods needed to be happy and healthy, otherwise the whole thing becomes more complex and so less effective.

The truth is that meditation, living in the moment and learning how to use attention to make or break habits is all you need. The awareness that comes from using these methods automatically stops you believing your own thoughts, identifying with your own thoughts.

The only way is up!

Instead of working on the level of thought, you learn to step out of thinking altogether. That is the true place of power, the only place you get full control of your attention and are able to say “yes” or “no” to thoughts.

The one affirmation that remains in Happy Guide is there because it’s the only one you need to get you to “happy and healthy.” Before you are fully able to control your thinking it’s a very useful reminder of the one thing that will take you to the finish line.

That’s very useful as we go through our personal “stuff” which can be temporarily a little unpleasant from time to time… a reminder to have faith in the finish line which is… always feeling good :-)

By the way, why are you reading other books? Sheeesh!! :-)

Best wishes,
Michael Kinnaird

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